So Whens Halo 4 Come Out?

Not this broke halo 4 game.

1.No ranking system so i cant get to my skill lv and play against people that are the same and get better its just randomized.

2.Spartan ops easy and short and only play heroic with randoms no legendary =( give each player a set amount of lives.

3.Cod perks and load outs which reach poked at but halo 4 jumped head first into if i wanted cod i would buy cod.

4.cant join randoms in campaign in a match making list.


Infinity Slayer… Ok
Big Team Infinity Slayer… Good Add some Objective
Dominion… Bad boring
Regicide…Rely Bad just a basic FFA Please
Flood… Ok
Capture the Flag…Ok
Oddball…Bad Camp Fest
King of the Hill…Ok
Team Slayer Pro…Great Closes we are probly ever going to get to an original halo game play

6.Only 50% of the maps are good

7.Game in progress joining dumb remove it or like some one said i read give us a option to turn on and off the in game progress join option but do allow friends to join and send inv to friends to join the game.

8.Game play is boring now with out the 1-50 ranking system we all ready did the unlocking new armor with each rank in reach now you add unlocking armor with commendations what thats dumb unlocking guns/perks with ranking ups points (face palm) im all ready bored of halo 4 after only 2 weeks which i haven’t been playing a lot of with work and all but i have beaten the campaign legendary solo beat spartan ops and rank 36+ and try ed all game types .

9.Keep these cod play lists if you like but make another play list that is more like team slayer pro but with ranking systems,doubles,free for all,big team,ECT.

10.If not just release halo 2 anniversary and keep it like it was so i can play that over this halo 4.

11.What i loved about halo was every thing story,game play,community,but the top of the list was the developers listened to the community and they gave answers and took action now its looks like they are heading towards the path of EA of we got you’re money now we ignore you.I will not buy another halo game if they dont fix this stuff soon as they can they cant do it over night i kind of do wish i didn’t buy this game with how it is right now.

I think I’ve read this thread about 10325324234 times before…

Whiners will be whiners.

ikr. Bungie when you come out with halo 4!?

There is a saying… “You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time”. Goes double for gamers.

The problem is that when you try to improve on something there will always be the purists out there who scream blue murder when it is not exactly the same as it was before. If a game doesn’t change anything in its next incarnation then where is the need to even buy it. Just play the old one.

  1. Shut up.

Shorted and translated into intelligible language for the sake of readers:

  1. There is no ranking system to ensure fair and fun matches.
  2. Spartan OPs missions are too short, and the difficulty ceiling needs to be raised.
  3. Loadouts transcend the conventions of the arena shooter.
  4. [I’m not even sure what that means]
  5. Playlists are generally OK, but the only one with a classically appealing feel is Pro.
  6. Only 50% of the maps are good maps.
  7. Join-in-progress is more an inconvenience than an asset.
  8. The old incentives are gone.
  9. Add a ranking system and more Pro gametypes.
  10. Make Halo 2 again.
  11. 343 needs to listen to the community, I don’t know why I’m saying this when they’ve announced a patch fr early next year to address the most commonly discussed issues.
  1. I would think that would be the thrill to never really know what you’re up against. You have to adapt your tactics on the fly which shows how flexible you are in combat.

  2. Yeah Spartan Ops is pretty easy, there’s no penalty to death…aside from losing your weapons thanks to the rapid de-spawning of dropped items and bodies. I wish there was more customization. Or the return of Firefight which had tons and tons of customization options.

  3. The hate on loadouts is all opinion, and CoD did NOT invent loadouts.

  4. Campaign matchmaking I would like to see at some point.

  • Infinity Slayer
    Boring BR/DMR fest
  • Big Team Infinity Slayer
    Same problems as Slayer but on large maps
  • Dominion
    GREAT. Any weapon can shine there as there’s lots of up close combat as well as ranged. My AR gets some nice usage there.
  • Regicide
    Free for all isn’t my thing so I can’t comment.
  • Flood
    Haven’t played yet but looks like a lot of fun.
  • Capture the Flag
    Like that the flag carrier can actually defend himself now, 'bout time honestly.
  • Oddball
    Might be decent on maps OTHER than Complex due to that one glitch. That really needs to get fixed.
  • King of the Hill
    Haven’t played it but from what I’ve seen it looks alright.
  • Team Slayer Pro
    Oh yay, a BR/DMR-fest with faster movement and no radar. YAWN.
  • Swat
    Sounds good, haven’t played it yet.
  1. Maps being good or bad is an opinion, personally I think most of them are quite nice. Haven gets a bit old after playing it for the millionth time though.

  2. I DO agree that there should be an option to choose whether we want to include open games in-progress or just prefer pre/post game lobbies.

  3. I pity you if you literally cannot play a game because you do not have a number/symbol next to your name.
    As for the unlockables I don’t like some of them myself, Master commendations for things like Assassin are going to be grind-fest nightmares.

  4. How are the -Yoink!- playlists like CoD? CoD did NOT invent playlists!

  5. The game JUST came out, even BUNGIE took some time before they began to address concerns and fix or improve things.