So when will we get controller button mapping?

I want to use my custom controls that I use halo infinite and all other games that allow it. So when will it come out if at all?

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Sorry if not helpful, but if you don’t mind shelling out some money, you can remap all the buttons on an Elite controller and set different profiles. I have one and use a custom button configuration.

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Hopefully in the next update. I want LT to be aim and click stick to be throw grenade.

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I’d love that. I just want to use traditional bumper jumper across all games where A is used to switch grenades, not D pad


Soon the great journey will begin. But when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet .


If that works for you, then you do you and it’d be really nice to see the ability to remap buttons like even 90s games had.

Forgive the rest of us saying “wut” thinking about how to throw a grenade with the stick. I literally have nothing mapped to the stick click. Very interesting to see players with more exotic control styles.

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Can’t you do that for any controller with the Accessories app? And besides, you can just use a mouse and keyboard for custom remapping while we wait for controller remapping.

The customization of the Elite controller is truly amazing, but the price tag is dummy expensive. They run for like $250+?

I had to Google it. No idea why some of them in third party sellers are $250, but Microsoft sells them directly for like 150.

Still quite a bit, and tbh, I didn’t even buy mine for myself, it was a gift from the wife, though after getting used to the paddles on the bottom and remapping features, I’ll probably always have one even if my current one dies.

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The paddles at the bottom of the controller are truly life changing when playing. Good luck and enjoy! A very nice gift from your wife.

You don’t need the $150 Elite controller to get those extra buttons, Power A makes decent-ish controllers with a programmable button on the underside of each grip and the wired ones go for $20-30.

And why is custom button mapping tied to buying a $150 controller in the first place? What’s making that possible for the elite controller and not anything else?