So, when is this going to end?

I’m not usually one for making customisation posts because I’m in the camp of ‘stop giving them money and they’ll fix things quicker, just make it their problem’, but this is about it affecting gameplay for others.

If you (343) are going to come up with different ideas every week for your store alongside items for the battlepass and this is supposedly a 10 year game, you’ve got to come up with 520 week’s worth of items for the store (quick maths) (and battlepasses).

Within 2 months, heads are on fire, shoulders are on fire, footsteps are on fire, cherry blossom is spurting out of every orifice, ears are sprouting…

I know some of these are classic Halo things renewed and it’s not too bad yet but when there’s going to be hundreds of these things, it’s gonna get silly.

Obviously confetti, fireworks, tails, tassels, baubles and tinsel are not too far away (and those are only my clean suggestions) and that’s before you get desperate for ideas.

When’s this going to become overwhelming during gameplay? For me, the cherry blossom is already distracting and I’ve only seen about 5 players with it, what’s it going to be like in a few weeks?!

I’m not talking about colours, armour or attachments here, I’m talking about distracting effects.

You really need to come up with alternative items for the store rather than distracting gameplay because this is going to become ridiculous very soon.

Voice packs and things that appear on your own screen - absolutely fine, even the iceberg lettuce for an oddball :joy: someone suggested is better as long as on your own screen, but this nonsense everywhere decided by other people - just stop it now before it gets out of hand!

I know people will say (and this has been my answer to others), “they won’t switch it off for other people because people are paying for it to be seen by others” and I know that’s the reason, which is why I’m saying stop those items altogether and have items such as voice packs which do not affect anyone else at all.

Ask me for other ideas and I’ll say that’s your job, you decided to make this F2P - not me!


Add a toggle for “View Default Only” like they have in MCC for Halo3. Hell, put it behind a $10 paywall. If people want to opt out, give them the shot. The people who pay to have their stuff on display won’t know if the other people have turned it off.


Seriously, I suggested a 20€ toggle to turn of all this ugly BS weeks ago. I won’t buy any of this stuff but the ability to hide it? Take my money!


I’d love that to be the case but in a f2p game the only thing 343 will care about is money.

If the option is there to turn it off, people will turn it off, if people turn it off the gullible people who pay whatever for whatever won’t bother because they like to show off the ears and fireworks.

343 will happily ruin my experience because I’m not paying, cat ear man is. If they instead did non intrusive stuff, everyone would be happy.


People got mad at me when I said the cosmetics were going to far.

I had to explain in multiple different ways that the effects are ruining the gameplay experience for me not because I don’t like them but because they don’t fit halo

Do I want a sparatn in high heels running across the field with a feather and hat on his head? NOOOOO.

I at least want Halo themed cosmetics not this fornite BS. It looks like a child game. Like a my little pony game.


Well it’s only took 8 weeks to agree with you for once :slightly_smiling_face:

I have foresight. I know a bad situation when I see one. Yes I may like Halo 5 a lot.
Yes I may make strong opinions on equipment and gameplay aspects

But I’m absolutely sure about the game turning into fortnite. We are not even a half a year in and flaming foot steps and petals are already in the game. It won’t take long till they run out of ideas and then they truly bring in some wacky stuff. At that point the game will be saturated with bright colors and effects.


Good god. I now imagine identical Spartans in red and blue, just playing the game.


I’d pay money for that. Red and blue comes back and no effects and weird skins? Take my money.

The only problem is people who bought the skins will feel like they got it for nothing If no one can see it


For the most part I only customize for my self. I just want to look like Noble six or Chief. Otherwise The charms, armor visuals, cat ears and flowers could be turned off for good.


I still haven’t equipped a vehicle, or weapon skin/ charm. It just doesn’t fit art style.


I think you made some really good points here :+1:


I don’t see a problem here at all since Bungie opened these effect flood gate with Reach (halo 3 for goofy armor like the fish bowl helmet). Arguably they were more annoying there due to the Grunt Birthday effect being audioable and visual.

I do also support the idea of a toggle for the effects like we have in MCC since these effects can get distracting and in some cases, like the kill effects, they can cause frame drops on certain rigs and platforms.

Key word here is ‘hundreds’

Edit: toggles won’t happen because if they do…

Week 1. They introduce toggle
People who dislike effects pay to switch them off or switch them off for free - doesn’t matter

Week 2.
SOME people who normally buy effects, say ‘why do I bother buying things and unable to show them off’ and sales reduce

Week 3.
New players don’t notice so many effects, don’t pay to switch off effects.

Now 343 have less money from effects and no money from toggles

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Exactly! Effects used to be for those dedicated or the best of the best and now they’re basically “la-di-da”


Could be billions, I’m still fine with it I was just stating that the flood gates were opened a long time ago. Weather people want to waste money to buy & equip all these effects or not has no effect me. For those it does effect, I fully support the addition of a toggle option.

It’s possible that what you said about the toggle would be true but I think most people use the effects because they like them regardless if others see them or not.
I doubt they will be aware if anyone in the lobby has the toggle on or off. As far as they would know, everyone is seeing their effects.
This is also assuming that most players will have this toggle switched on. Seeing the amount of people rocking armor effects right now I doubt the vast majority will make use of this feature.

Well it’s definitely the reason toggle won’t happen.

It’s exactly the same reason we have outlines.


You’re most likely right.
Although there is the slight chance of something being done with enough complaints and a mix of constructive feedback.
All we can be sure of is that they will not start thinking about this feature until all the other missing features are added.

If they do something about the outlines, it will be no outlines for enemies. It won’t be red Vs blue because of the same reasons - money from customisation - armour colours.

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I agree with the OP, a number of people on the forum have been trying to say this for awhile now. This new F2P model is severely affecting the overall game for me and obviously, for others as well.

I doubt a cosmetics toggle will come anytime soon, because they are relying so heavily on the Store to make back the hundreds of millions they wasted on development. So they definitely won’t want to jeopardize the Store at all.

I truly believe Halo could have made a decent amount of money if 343/Microsoft had chosen a different route rather than solely relying on F2P and the Cosmetic Stores. But now it is too late.