So when is the lag and desync being fixed?

Has there been any update about this? im not playing anymore until its fixed it totally kills the game for me. hopefully this will be fixed when season 2 launches?


Frustrating lack of communication from above.

I imagine there will be a chunky update to S2. Probably easier at this stage to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak - even though that just makes the next month all the more frustrating.

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At this rate never. They mentioned a fix for melee’s but not shot registration.


Good luck with that. 343i are totally clueless. Most of their recent dissertation is full of things they acknowledge but don’t know how to fix or will try to fix in the future with bare minimum being released in S2. This game is done.


At least they acknowledged it and that they are working on it.

Feedback: Reports of players dying behind walls/around corners

We are aware of desync issues related to shot registration and players rubberbanding or warping and a working on improvements in all of these areas.

They also touched on the consistency of hammer and rocket damage.

I agree, though, that some more specifics would have been welcomed. It’s obviously one of the big issues for confidence / integrity in the game.

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Their refusal to acknowledge that desync is more than just lag is really frustrating. Being shot from zero to death by someone literally incapable of seeing you according to your screen is not lag. We’re talking about positional information being blatantly wrong for long periods of time.


Just out of interest, how have they refused to acknowledge it?

Or pushed it as “just lag”.

I know people got upset when one of the first blogs was about the specific issue of geo-filtering as opposed to other issues eg. desync.

But this recent post seems to mention “desync issues” as it’s own issue. Although the specifics and the plan are a bit vague.

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True they have. But since desync breaks the flow of gameplay and makes the game not fun and unplayable it’s highly unacceptable that we’re approaching five months in with absolutely no fix. This should have been a day one priority.

Agreed 100%.


This is from the their Outcome report at:

— Start Quote
Desire for regional server selection

Since launch we have already done some work to help improve matchmaking in some regions, such as Australia, and will continue monitoring and making updates during the lifetime of this game. It was mentioned in our Online Experience blog, but it’s worth restating in this post too. If we ever feel like the matches we are making do not meet player expectations or our quality bar, we will evaluate additional means of improving the online experience - including considering features like a server selection similar to MCC or search preferences similar to Halo 5 - further down the road."

---- End Quote

My issue is that they still think their Automagic Matching Server selection is working. I can categorically say no, it is not and they need to IMMEDIATELY allow us to select the Server we want to play on (when playing Solo - in groups it’s some weird average thing). I’m in Alberta Canada and it keeps matching me to a Server in Amsterdam with 250 ms ping times, whereas when I get the occasional game to Seattle server, it’s 25 ms ping times. That’s simply broken and is the main reason I gave up and uninstalled Halo on my Xbox.

343 has no clue how to fix high ping and desync, so instead, they’re nerfing melee, increasing rocket blast radius, and lowering grenade blast radius, or whatever other stupid bandaid “fixes” they come up with, to try to compensate for the desync, instead of just fixing the root problem. This just tells me that they won’t be fixing the ping netcode desync issues for a year or longer, and they’re just struggling to hide it a bit, to try to make it less obvious.