So What's the deal with $250 for the LCE?

First things first I’m an avid Halo fan, have been since really Halo 2 (played the first at a friend but didn’t have an Xbox until 2). I’m cautiously excited for Halo 5’s story. But here’s the issue I’m having with 343i.
So to start off I’m glad that they’re fixing the issue that they caused with no discs in the Limited Collectors Edition but the span between announcing code only and them redacting that statement has given me time to think it over and I’ve come to realize that $250 is way too much money for what you get. It seems that 343i is just milking this as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong its a business first but they seem to be trying to baffle us with bulls&*t to get as much money from us unjustly while, in various aspects, slowly dragging Halo down.
Let’s break down the three versions of the game plus some other collector’s editions coming out this year.

Halo 5

  • Standard edition at $60: A standard copy of the game with a physical disc… fine.
  • Limited edition at $100:
    A physical disc with an alternate disc design
    Spartan Locke’s orders and Blue Team Dossier
    Metal Earth Guardian Model
    Access to The Fall of Reach Animated Series
    Warzone Rec Pack

Again this is OK as their Limited edition for Halo 4 cost this much and the Halo 3, Halo Wars and Halo Reach Limited editions cost $80 which is cheaper but in the same ballpark. Taking inflation into account the Halo 3 Limited now would cost $92.06, Halo Wars $88.98 and the Reach would be $84.86.
But now looking at a comparison between Halo 3, Reach and Halo 5’s Legendary/LCE editions you can see a price jump really for no reason aside from just trying to get the biggest profit margin without really adding/changing much as far as physical content or overall quality. Even with inflation taken into account the price hike really isn’t justified.

  • Limited Collector’s Edition at $250:
    Download disc or physical disc (disc version and means to choose between the two are still TBD)
    Spartan Locke’s orders and Blue Team Dossier
    Metal Earth Guardian Model
    Access to The Fall of Reach Animated Series
    Warzone Rec Pack
    Triforce Commemorative Master Chief/Locke Statue

So comparing the LE and LCE you can see that the only difference aside from the disc disaster is the addition of a Triforce statue for $150. That seems a bit ridiculous. If you look at other Halo Legendary/Limited Collectors Editions they are set up very similar.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition (2007) at $130:
Halo 3 game
Disc 1 & Disc 2 of Essentials with all sorts of extra content
Scaled replica of a MJOLNIR MARK VI helmet plus a stand and a protective fabric cover.

Halo Reach Legendary Edition (2010) at $150:
Halo Reach game in ONI “Black Box”
ONI Artifact/Evidence bag containing a very detailed replica of Halsey’s Journal and various other bits and pieces inside.
ONI security card replica
Spartan II replica patch
Download code for Elite Officer armor and Flaming Head armor effect
Falcon Avatar item
Access to Halo Reach Documentary
McFarlane Toys Noble Team Statue

If we take into account inflation the Halo 3 Legendary Edition would go for right around $150, $149.61 to be exact, for an inflation rate of 15.1% and the Reach Legendary would go right around $160 ($159.12) with a rate of 6.1%.

So already there’s right around a $100 difference between Halo 3 and 5 and around a $90 difference between Reach and 5. So what gives for this price hike? The Reach and Halo 5 statue’s are, to me at least, very similar. They are both made out of plastic (I’m not exact on the exact type), they appear to be close in size and they’re both semi moveable (5 can be shaped next to each other or towards and the Reach is somewhat posable and the weapons/Spartans can be removed). The only two differences I see is that the Halo 5 is less detailed in that there’s less going on and the Reach was McFarlane Toys and 5 is Triforce. It seems like a step down. Just by looking at each company’s website you can get a good idea of which is more, for a lack of a better term, experienced (it’s McFarlane). Now I don’t have anything against TriForce but they seem to have a spotty track record for game statues. The Arkham Origins statue looked great in pre-release pictures but leaves much to be desired in person. Also lets not forget the Arkham Knight Batmobile? I will give them the Gears of War 3 Marcus statue though. Granted both brands aren’t the highest quality of statue making companies but as I said McFarlane seems the better of the two.

So purely comparing Halo Collectors editions, even with inflation taken into account, all signs seem to point to money grab.

Now lets compare this years Collector’s Editions of various games. I know a lot of people said this argument is irrelevant but I don’t see why. Comparing one game’s collectors edition to another can have quite a few enlightening effects.

I’ll take two that I preordered. They are Fallout 4 and Black Ops III.

Fallout 4’s Pip Boy edition at $120 comes with:
A steel case with physical copy of the game
A Perks Poster
A plastic Time Capsule case
A wearable scale model of a pipboy and a stand for it
Now that’s not not as much as Halo 5 but say you do even things out as far as amount of items and I wouldn’t see this going over $150.

Second is Black Ops III Juggernog Edition at $200 comes with:
A steelbook with the game
A download code for a Zombies map
Two weapon personalization codes
Season Pass
Digital download of the soundtrack
Limited edition art cards
Perk-A-Cola Coasters
A full scale mini fridge with lights and sounds which is modeled after the Juggernog dispenser found in Zombies mode. Can hold 12 12oz cans.

Seeing as most mini fridges range between $50 and $150 one modeled like this with sounds and lights plus everything else for $200 is an awesome deal. I’m not much of a fan of COD, haven’t been since MW3, but seeing this edition had me dumbstruck for a while.

So all in all here’s my assessment and conclusion; the Halo 5 LCE is absurd and has been since the announcement of it. Originally I had preordered it and had fought for the disc. I still believe it was worth fighting as it defeated the purpose of a Collector’s edition. However that time gave me the, well, time to think about it as a whole and I’ve come to realize that 343i seems to be ruining the Halo franchise for me and this LCE is a shining example of just that. Sure they fixed the disc issue but it still doesn’t warrant such a high price for something we’ve already seen and most of us, myself included, already have in the form of Halo 3 and Reach Legendary editions.

343i feels almost like an evil Bond organization to me. I was in the middle of the road with Halo 4 but liked that they are revitalizing the franchise but it seems like its so cold and calculated. Sure they’re diversifying the story but it feels like they’re ballooning out too much and are just trying to get as much money as quickly as possible by releasing products that seem slightly unfinished and/or unchanged. That plus this over saturation of Halo coverage by 343; tournaments, viddocs, The Halo Channel, Nightfall, this half dead Halo show, MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION etc in such a short time seems like a hype train that won’t quite make it to the station but will sell every seat in every car because everyone sort of sees it as status quo and can’t really call them out because its gotten too big.

Only time will tell I guess. I feel that Halo 5 will be a very important milestone because it will either save 343 or be one of the final nails.


Just highlight general points next time. And if you don’t really care for the statue, but you want everything else, just stick with the LE. The price is ridiculous.

I didn’t get through the massive wall of text, sorry, not trying to offend. I think the main difference is the company making the statue. Triforce tends to be more expensive than McFarlane.

Remember, Triforce is the same company that makes the $600 light-up plasma rifle.

Almost TL:DR i just read the half… sorry
But yeah like GameJunki01 said it’s only the statue and the big box if you don’t want it just buy the LE or if you want the statue well buy the LCE because the price is not going down at least $250 it’s less than what it’ll cost on Mexico that it will cost about $420 that is ridiculous… and that’s why i better bought the LCE on EUA in gamestop

Seeing as those publishers set the prices for games, in this case Microsoft, I don’t think 343 really had much say except for providing content that Microsoft will ultimately charge for. Hell, Microsoft charged tens of thousands of dollars for developers to patch their games on the 360, you’d better believe they’ll try to milk as much money as they can from their biggest franchise.

I think the LE come with only 1 req pack, and the LCE comes with 14, them giving us 2 every week after release until they are all used.

if that’s the case, say that one Platimun REQ pack costs $5. Or $4.99. That would make them worth $70. Or $75.63 with tax. Didn’t you say that the sculpture costs $150. It would make more sense to me if the sculpture was worth $80.

Wow. I hadn’t thought about that.

…I think Microsoft is acutely aware of what “dedicated” fans are willing to swallow.

I usually don’t say things Iike this, but if those that purchase this fail to see that they’re being ripped off… shudders
Obviously it’s their money to spend, and I’m not going to tell them to use it otherwise, but they should at least be aware of what they’re participating in.