So what's happening to the rocket launcher?

I saw a really good point made in another topic about the design of halo infinites assault rifle and thought it deserved a thread of it’s own.

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> The real question to be asked is, what will happen to the SPNKR, and will both iterations of the rocket be in Halo Infinite?

(Idk if mentioning users in this way is allowed, if not just let me know and I’ll remove the name. I just thought they deserved credit for the question)

I’m on board with the idea of keeping both designs but I feel they should be used differently. For example, the new rocket launcher design has always struck me as a surface to air kinda weapon so maybe make the new design better at tracking air vehicles than the spnkr while the spnkr has a larger explosion radius. Another option might be for the new design to only track air while spnkr only tracks ground vehicles.

Any other ideas on how to make them different or is there some people out there that would prefer a single design be chosen?

Tough question.

If both designs are in the game, I would say that they should behave differently.

The newer model, imo, should possibly be designed to take out hard targets. An increased amount of damage at the impact area, with damage dying off faster in the area of effect.

The ol’ spnkr should be used more for anti-infantry. Larger area of effect with damage spread out evenly. Also, with more pushback from the explosion itself.

As with a lot of 343 design, the new rockets are not an inherently bad design in and of themselves, it was just a bad “rocket launcher” design. What I mean by that is that OG rockets had such a unique and easily identifiable design that there is no real reason to radically change it if you are going to have them perform the same anyways.

To use another example, I really like the design of the Needle Rifle from Reach, but I would have been really annoyed if it had simply replaced the Needler and performed the same way as the OG Needler.

Infinite should not bother “explaining” differences in art design whenever possible. The need to justify every little artistic change is what got them into trouble in the first place. Change between sequels just come with the territory.

If you absolutely must have both, then they both need to fill very different roles. The SPNKR should remain more or less the same as it always has. The Pilum should then act a light, player guided rocket(think Ad Victoriam, but considerably weaker). Lower damage and splash than normal rockets, but considerably better at hitting targets at a distance and allows for some creative use do to the players ability to change its path.

I would prefer only the real Rocket Launcher to return, as in the SPNKR. One reason for that is because I would rather keep picking up SPNKRs when I need a Rocket Launcher rather than having to settle to picking up the H5g version.
Its just that I can see H5g type of bazookas in almost every shooter game whereas the SPNKR is the legend in Halo.

I think their standard versions already behave differently, the blast radius and the rocket velocity is different if I’m not mistaken.
Also, why would you remove a weapon from a game just because you don’t like how it looks? It is just stupid.

They can do whatever they want imo they dont need either version. I prefer the old and the Halo 1 sound it makes when you equip it

The SPNKR is iconic and together with AR, Needler and Energy Sword it has one of the most recognizable weapon designs in video game history. Changing it in first place was moronic to say the least. 343i got a huge backlash for doing it and rightfully so. If Hi will have two different rocket launchers, than the base one will be the SPNKR and the second one (an anti-air version maybe) hopefully will get a new model all together. Not because I hate the H5G rocket, it’s just that the negative impact it had was way too big to deal with again - even just as a reminder.

Given how much the community gave 343i a lot of flak for changing one of the most recognisable designs in the franchise’s history to something that can virtually be seen in almost all shooters, I won’t be surprise if the SPNKR gets a major role in the game.

Hell, take a look at Halo 5’s forge maps in the matchmaking rotation and eSports matches. You’ll notice that almost all of them (in not, all) use the SPNKR as the rocket launcher in the map due to how iconic the design is.

I would rather just see varients of the SPNKR instead of having both. The H5 rockets are one of the most generic looking weapons in the game, and seemingly replaced the SPNKR for no reason other than change for the sake of change

The new Rocket Launcher replaced the SPNKr due to usability. The SPNKr was very unreliable as you had to carry large tubes that contain the rockets. Despite how iconic it looks, it’s just not practical realistically. The new RL carries individual rockets, easier to transport, and has a reusable tube. I can see SPNKr being in Infinite due to fan service, but not in campaign for realistic reasons.
Well, maybe THERE’s a chance. Warzone is cannon since MP is cannon.

If they take the Halo 5 method again where it’s multiple SPNKRs and Rocket Launchers but just with different names and weapon camos equipped, that’ll just ruin the core for the multiplayer

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> If they take the Halo 5 method again where it’s multiple SPNKRs and Rocket Launchers but just with different names and weapon camos equipped, that’ll just ruin the core for the multiplayer

I don’t want to sound like I’m defending REQs, but every (or most of) the variants in the game have a significant chance over the original. Using the RL example: The Tier 2 RL, Ad Victoriam, fires 3 rockets per shot that can be controlled using Smart-Link, and the Tier 3 RL, High Five, fires EMP Hydra Missiles that I believe can lock-on to ground vehicles.
The SPNKr Tier 1 is basically unaltered to the OG RL, but the variants are very different. The Tier 2 SPNKr, SPNKr EM, has 4 rockets in a chamber and can lock-on to ground vehicles. Tier 3, SPNKr EX fires rockets that leave clusters for an additional AoE. It has another function, but I don’t remember what is. The tier 4, SPNKr Prime, uses MISSILES instead of rockets, gives increased movement speed and jump height as well as damage resistance.

If Halo 5 has variants that only vary on name and look are the UNSC vehicle variants. The Woodland, Urban, etc. are there just to be there and serve no function whatsoever. Corp is the only one that has an excuse, and that is because it appeared in campaign.

Overall, REQs don’t really ruin the experience, at least from my perspective. You’re not forced to hastily go after them in an arena game as I believe REQs in a regular Slayer game rarely do ever appear (Slayer as an example). Allows for some more variation in Customs, like in Castle Wars where there’s this stronger variant in the field that allows you to perform more effectively, but doesn’t break the dynamic because the user can be as easily killed as he picked the sword up. I think they add more than ruining.