So what is this game like with no lag?

I have relatively good wifi, 100 Mbps. However when I play this game its like I’m playing on cloud gaming on a cruise ship 1500 miles away. So whats it like for all the Gig speed users?

I have about the same wifi as you and its not really laggy for me. Maybe you live far away from the servers

I’m wired on a fiber optic getting 788d/902u, just now, with 3ms. It’s really smooth, sometimes I get hit while trying to escape around corners, but I figure it’s the server trying to balance things out between the two connections and finding a midway point. Nothing too egregious, although sometimes I get hit with that bullet that wraps around the corner like Wanted (2008).

What’s your ping? It’s all about the ping. Amounts of data transferred are small so upload and download speeds aren’t usually the issue.