So what is the best place for GDC coverage online?

What site?


Thanks :smiley:

I guess we wont get any halo 4 stuff from this event? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also i know the embargo lifts tomorrow.Cant wait,just 9 hours left right?

10 hrs 20 mins

If you’re looking for specific Halo 4 coverage, use Slightly Live’s (Dani) website Forward Unto Dawn for a Hub of every bit of Halo 4 info that drops. If you’re looking for other GDC coverage, I can’t help you. Dani has covered many of these events in the past and provides links and info from every bit of info you could ever want at an even relating to Halo.

That’s the HUB I’ll be using for sure.

> 10 hrs 20 mins

Does it start at midnight EST?