So what if Halo 4 isn't what YOU want

The title pretty much says it all. I see many people of the forums posting topics related to the 1-5 system not returning, how AA’s will destroy Halo and how Halo 4 features some CoD like elements. But who actually cares? If you are that dissapointed about the game, then there is something you can do, want to know? DON’T BUY IT! Let us, the gamers who want Halo because it’s fun. Remember playing with your friends in Halo 2? Remember playing slitscreen in Halo CE? Remember all those fun tiumes that were once had with Halo? It seems to me that 343 are trying to bring that back. And besides, 343 havent even released information about how the players will be matched up fairly yet so how can you say anything yet? Most gamers on these forums make silly posts about one topic that they dislike and claim Halo 4 will suck because of it. I know I’m not a moderator, but this needed to be said.

To lazy to read this all, In conclusion: If you don’t like what Halo 4 is doing with it’;s multiplayer, DON’T BUY IT.

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But Halo is far more than the multiplayer

And by the way this thread was not needed

Then we will do what we always do, we will voice our constructive opinion and hope 343 listens. It is our job as fans; the alternatives are to buy it despite our contentions or discard the whole game because parts of it are bad. One is to be a quite sheep, and the other is to give up.

I dunno about you, but I’m not covered in fleece nor will I give up on my favorite game franchise of all time because I disagree with aspects of it.

This thread wasn’t needed. Let people make up their own minds on if they want to buy the game or not. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion no matter how much someone else might disagree with it :slight_smile: