So what gun will you play with?

Obviously, everyone will try every weapon a LOT, but if you had to pick a gun that is yours. Y’know, all that Jarhead ‘there are many like it, but this one is mine’?

Personally, I think I’ll be rocking the Carbine. Lol to be honest, I haven’t even seen how it plays, it just feels like I’m welcoming back an old friend. I loved the thing in Halo 3, it was tied for my favorite weapon between the BR and duel SMG’s.

What will you be using?

P.S. the Halo 4 Assault Rifle is Godly. That is all.

Carbine :slight_smile:

BR and carbine

> Carbine :slight_smile:


BR and DMR. I find the DMR in Reach easier to use than the BR.

I’ll mainly use one of the marksman weapons, BR/DMR/Carbine whichever I end up preferring. However the weapon that I truly want is the shotgun, may even try the scattershot because it seems cool.

> Carbine :slight_smile:

And the Grenade Launcher replacement.

I’ll figure that out once the game is released and I know all the weapons.

> I’ll figure that out once the game is released and I know all the weapons.

True, I guess. I’m going to watch some War Games gameplay now, get some research in on the weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

DMR or Carabine.
BR if 4sk.

> > Carbine :slight_smile:
> Hi-five!

From the videos it seams very accurate and fast rate for fire, also i like the H3 one so if this is an upgraded version yay!

depending on what weapons they show/are in the game that we haven’t seen yet, perhaps one of those. But for now, the Scattershot.

> DMR or Carabine.
> BR if 4sk.


Not sure yet.

Probably one of the precision weapons though (BR, Carbine, DMR or Light Rifle).


A Crossbow and a Sling.

Most likely the DMR will be my fall back weapon. The AR I would use just because it sounds so beastly. The BR is an old friend coming home. Uhg…so many choices.

BR/DMR for this guy.

DMR and Storm Rifle, I’m gonna call them Thelma & Louise. :smiley:

I don’t know yet but probably the DMR.