So.... What about that Ranking System???

Just curious, I don’t remember seeing them state wheter they are implementing the ranking system yet. Will that be in the TU as well or will we have to wait til March or Late Feb for that?

I don’t think anyone but 343 can answer that. They’ve been pretty guarded about giving details as far as a timetable, it seems. Probably they’re worried they’ll screw it up and have to push back any date they set.

“CSR will launch early next year when it’s ready.”

As far as I know, that’s all that’s been said.

Whilst they have not mentioned the ranking system, their latest bulletin does have the next Title Update scheduled for deployment in late February, just before or at the same time that the Majestic Map pack is released

If it is to be implemented, then I would hazard a guess and say it will come with this new TU


Ya that’s a total bummer, I was waiting with baited breath for anything regarding CSR, as promised earlier, but nothing, still. Im a little peeved tbh

CSR is just BPR with some extra stats considered and half the levels. (CSR 1-50, BPR 1-100)

And CSR is waypoint only, so it is as useless as BPR.

I heard a rumour that the ranking system will be ready in march 2016. just hold tight and be patient, it will be amazing!!!