So whait really?

So whait jerry leaves and u increase everything in the shop again are we a joke to you guys ??? So u can later on give us a price cut at the end of the season ? Wow … not falling for this trick again i spend full price for a couple of items on season one like the doble katana so u can later on give them at 1200 while the people who bought them at 20 got stab in there wallet ? And got nothing in return for spending full price on it …


Another way to look at it is you pay more to be “first”.


another way to look at it is there goes another 10% of the infinite fanbase, have fun playing against bots


Customization like Reach, only we have to pay for it this time!
None of the prices people are paying are reasonable. The shop is a scam. $12 or $20 what does it matter? They are both over priced.

343i would have only gotten a pass from me if all legacy armor got released for free and new armor got put into a catalog for $1 a piece. Everyone that buys stuff from the shop is just encouraging 343i to keep fleecing the fans. I currently have $0.00 sunk into this game.


U know was funny they anounced that multiplayer was free and the campane was on the game pass and i still bought there full game to support the franshise that saw me grow up and now every thing is a mess and we have a developer that dont care about us or the game is sad as hell …

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You and many other players fell for that gimmick too. It’s not entirely your fault though, you trusted your beloved franchise’s caretaker and 343 responded back by dropping the ball for a third game in a row (four if we count MCC’s launch).

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We do.

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