So weapon combination is great but

It’d be really great If we could set these weapon combinations to spawn on match start instead of having to go to the weapon combiner and do it manually on the fly in the match, Unless this is already doable through scripting. Forgive me if im being naïve. The restriction of having to combine one weapon with an unbound weapon for example, is very limiting. I really wanted to combine two standard weapons for more variety. For example, The mangler and bulldog. This combo would act more like a slug instead of buckshot, and it would also have bullet drop from the mangler round. Also, I was hoping we could edit starting weapon ammo lower than just 25%. I wanted to make a survival map where the weapons you find have a very scarce amount in the magazine to start with. Hopefully someone is listening and im not just speaking on deaf ears. I just had to get these thoughts out in the open and see if anyone else felt the same.

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This reminds me of a mod one of my classmates had on his Original Xbox and Halo 2. Not only did we have flying Warthogs that fired rockets when you honked, we had Sniper Rifles that fired rockets at the speed of the Sniper bullets. It was glorious madness.