So we haven't seen any Scarab models since Halo 3.

Anyone else a tad bit concerned? I mean, given how frigging huge the Kraken thing was in the campaign one can only imagine what any new model scarab would probably look like.

And before you say anything like “Dude we’ve seen scarabs in Halo Reach and in the MC collection.” I’m talking by actual passage of time in the current Halo universe we know so far.

We probably won’t be seeing a new Scarab model in the main line of Halo games - you know with the Covenant being “destroyed” at the end of Halo 5. But here’s hoping that we see Scarabs in Halo Wars 2.

If they do bring it back, I doubt they will actually change its design like they did with other vehicles because they already tried now twice to make a new mega enemy and failed. I believe they now know to just go to the successful design that is the Halo 3 scarab.

The Scarabs in Halo 2 were mining machines, not like the ones in Halo 3/ODST/Reach, they were the assault variant. I think we may not see a new scarab, Halo Wars 2 may use the Halo 3 design again.