So we got waller and aim botters now we have to deal with

So i know we dint have and anti cheat and it might take 4 years so they can make one that some what works a bit … now we have ximers winning on faze it and we have a plauge on solo duo controller imput you know was funny when u confront them they go radio silent is funny how they alone dont hide it playing solo duo on a controller imput play list is beyond me

Can something be done about that ?? Is getting out of hand like on apex ?


So a quick question, because I don’t know the rules on this. Is this technically against any part of the TOS when it comes to this? As far as I have ever been able to tell, 343 never really responded when confronted about issues about Aim Assist and such between Controller and MnK. I could still be wrong, but it made me want to raise that question.

I never even heard of Xim until a few days ago when i saw this video of dude using one that won a tournament. The video explains what they are and how they work really well, if you are not familiar like I was.
Hope they do something, this dude in the video is pretty busted if you ask me.

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But all controller players on here say there is no AA

So how can a mouse user abuse it if there is none :man_facepalming: