So, was 4-player split-screen just a lie?

They announced that there would be 4-player split screen in this game, day 1. Are they talking about December 8th, launch day, or is this just an outright lie?

Right now there is only 2-player split screen, and it looks terrible at that. There’s black bars on the sides of the screen, fuzzy and unreadable text, poor visual clarity and just generally poor appearance. I was hoping to have LAN parties again with this game; I guess that dream is ruined now.

P.S. I know you can play 4-player on the Series X but as far as I’m concerned that’s a fake system because you can’t buy it anywhere for market price, and I shouldn’t need to buy a whole system to do something they promised would be part of the game anyway. Did they learn nothing from Halo 5?