So uhhh. Where is the collision?

Seriously? Ranks reset and still no word on collision? How is this considered a competitive game without collison? Every match since day 1 has been invalid because of no collison. This game is not worthy of being called a Halo title without collison. I’m sorry but that’s just the truth

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There is collission… just soft-collision.

It isn’t what we are used to, but it was a change made so that the grapple-shot wasn’t a major headache to utilize.

This again. Highlights why the game design was bad for Halo. Equipment doesn’t work for Halo. They had to FORCE the equipment in the game to make it work.

We need team collision AND proper enemy collision. Any less is a sin.

Equipment collision was an issue back in Halo Reach as well. You used Evade or Jet Pack, and suddenly because of some strange geometry or another player, you were suddenly bumped off course.

Making the game have soft collision fixed this issue.
They just need to rework how melee damage output is registered to prevent the soft-collision from allowing you to be back-slapped from the front.

Sounds realistic to me. It should bump you off course. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would replace proper collision for equipment. I would never

Well, they wanted to put in a grapple-shot. They want to make it a very useful tool. If they continued with solid-collision, the grapple-shot would suddenly bounce you off course in a random direction at 30kph upon striking an object. Instead, you now slide along the object in question as you zero in on where you grappled towards.

Ughhh. The more you explain the more it infuriates me. I would much rather be bounced off course. I would much rather the game lean into realistic gameplay.

This is why we have grenade pads because it’s ment to not frustrate the player. So many handicaps. And for what? So little Timmy doesn’t get stomped on because of collision related furstrations?

It is so when you use the grapple-shot in the heat of a firefight, you don’t suddenly die because the geometry had you suddenly strike the edge of a pole and then fly off to your left and over the edge into the pitfall killzone.

And as for realism? You want realism in Halo?

Realistically then the following should be in the game -

  • Thrusters don’t work because you weigh half-a-ton in MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.
  • Vehicles would slowly slug along because Spartans are heavy and would weigh down and even break a Warthog, let alone a Mongoose.
  • Recoil would be non-existent because your strong augmented muscles combined with the armor’s weight and resistance to movement would make it so that all guns would have no recoil to compensate for going full-auto with.
  • Dropping down from the floor above would heavily damage the floor and anyone you landed on.
  • Bullets won’t be able to harm you because MJOLNIR armor and the exo-suit underneath are highly resistant to bullets themselves.

Need I go on?

When it comes to collison? Yes I want everything 100% realistic.

Obviously everything can’t be realistic in a video game but Spartans have two legs and two arms so it does base itself of off SOME realism.

Also. I would love for there to be no recoil. The game is set in the future. Every gun should shoot like beams.

I’ve got used to no team-mate collision.

When we first started it seemed messy as everyone ghosted through each other.

Now everyone seems more respectful. They tend to head in different directions and just seem better at not getting in anyone’s way (visually as opposed to physically). Really don’t notice it anymore.

If it was all for the grapple hook - it’s a fair trade in my books. The grapple shot is an awesome addition (second only to the repulsor).

They do need to work on enemy collision / melee though. It gets a bit confusing and the whole back slap from the front sucks.

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I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

I knew people would get used it and therefore not ask for it back. It’s such a shame. This is why we live in the world we live in now because we were conditioned to accept less and less.

Not a fair trade at all. The grapple doesn’t even belong in halo. Sure I love it. It should be a custom game option but to remove proper collision? Na. Whoever made that decision is off their rockers

Is it really so bad for such a minor change to be so readily acceptable? It’s not like it affects gameplay THAT much to be honest. You still bump into things, but it doesn’t halt your inertia anymore, rather just subtling redirecting it along a different vector.

Maybe if I was a casual player

But since I play comepetive EVERY kill is affected. There isn’t one game where I don’t see massive issues with collison. I can no longer make the same plays I used to and it’s super frustrating. I would make plays that specifcally involve teammate body blocking.

Also. Soft collison or not I’m still phasing through enimes every game. That’s why we need proper collision