So…Uhh….When are we getting the cut Campaign Content?

Whenever I think about it I get all sad inside. There could’ve been so much more to campaign but it was mostly cut. And there’s evidence of it all over Zeta Halo. Crashed BlisterBacks, Legs of scarabs, Pieces of a Mantis, The ability to hijack Pelicans easily with pre made mechanics like it was a bad patching job on them. I’m just getting depressed thinking about it. I REALLY want the content. Looking at it, I don’t blame 343 for cutting it all. It was very ambitious. But now that tensions are a bit less loose I’d really like a roadmap for future content. A clear and concise roadmap. Just for campaign. All the plot holes were no doubt the result of a bad patching job (story-wise) and a lack of the rest of the story. If 343 made the rest of the content available and just updated the campaign that would be amazing. Just amazing. A rendition of the campaign. I just really really feel sad about the lack of content. If 343 ever looks at this post, just know. I’m not the only one who wants this back.


You thought. they said it themselves its a live service game, everything is going to multiplayer.
See you in 6 months when they release 2 new campaign missions just sprinkling some story in.


IDK man, with 6 years in the making, that campaign should’ve broke the internet with glorious play through. They left out a HUGE amount of story, but honestly 343 has been doing that all along. Halo 4 and Halo 5 were the same way. Most people don’t know who the warden eternal, master builder, or diadac was or who locke, lasky or palmer were. Then they just axe those characters and move on to something new. They need to make a darn linear path of halo story and stick with it…
If one doesn’t read the lore in novels or comics then they probably won’t know what is actually going on in the story. I’ve read every novel and most comics and the story was a little shaky to even me. They could’ve made 3 games from the amount of lore left out. . .


Just because Infinite released 6 years after Halo 5 doesn’t mean 343 has been working on it for a 6 years. They would have spent a few years working on the new engine and other stuff i dont know because i dont work at 343i.


Any logical minded company is already working on the next title when they release a current one. 343 had an engine already to put infinite on, the mcc. Infinite didn’t need NEW design it just needed new content. but not at the expense of the game overall. imo

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All big media projects have stuff cut from development. Doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, a song, or a game.

Sometimes it’s for the story narrative… sometimes for time / budget… sometimes because it just didn’t work.

The good and/or just missed out ideas are prime blocks for the next DLC.

And most of the “plot holes” people generally refer to (apologies if this wasn’t what you were thinking) are secondary narrative threads that can wait for another day. It was good to keep the campaign relatively clean for newcomers.

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It wasn’t good for new comers. New comers are actually the most lost

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They spend 3 years working on the engine then 3 years working on the game.

So yeah they didn’t spend the full time working on the game its self they had to get a working engine first.

I still hope a little bit htat we’ll get all this content, I think it is super important that they focus on filling out this campaign/open world before adding on. I would love to see this part of Zeta Halo updated over the next 12 months, adding more and more missions and characters, then for the next game we can move to another part of the ring entirely.

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We didn’t need a new engine. . . So they wasted 3 years imo

There was definitely issues during the development cycle.
I also hope we see big upgrades to campaign

Which engine was that?

CE’s engine? Halo 2’s modified CE engine? Halo 3’s engine? Halo Reach’s engine? Halo 4/2A engine?

MCC is not a single engine, but an amalgamation of multiple engines operating side by side, which one do you mean?

Any of those wold have been better.
Most people I know love the Reach or H5 engines.

They should’ve just reached out to bohemia interactive and used the DayZ standalone engine.

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Not saying existing engines can’t be used in some capacity, but a lot of these engines are aged or optimized for specific purposes.

Reach’s engine is better off in the hands of players than it is for commercial use in this day and age.

Halo 5’s engine may have been a solid basis for multiplayer’s functionality, but it wouldn’t have been useable for what they had in mind for the campaign, and splitting engines wouldn’t have been ideal either. It is clear that Slipspace does utilize assets from Halo 5’s engine, but it’s more than a modified version of it.

Either way, for the scope and design of what 343i wanted to accomplish (which is its own topic) there wasn’t much choice other than to develop a whole new engine.

Open world capabilities absolutely.

Compression and action focused gameplay elements, far too complicated.

As cool as the campaign is being open world, Halo didn’t need that. All Halo needs is a good story and great multiplayer. If 343s asperations are beyond those two goals for Halo they are mucking up.

I do agree with this. Like I said, those goals are probably better in a topic of their own. A linear campaign encompassing the cinematic story leading up to Halo Infinite would’ve been a safer goal with the open world acting as an compoundable endgame of sorts.

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nah nah i was being sarcastic, I hate dropping 2 feet and breaking my legs!

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I honestly miss the crap out of early access DayZ dude no joke, M4 buffets in the Fire Department and School, balancing rotten fruit on your middle finger at passerby’s in Elektro, zombies phasing through walls like ghosts, and dying trying to climb up a ladder.

Those were the days man.

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