So today I saw a sr-140? Completely serious.

I won’t mention his gamertag as its against the rules, but if u look at my recent matchmaking games it’s ctf on adrift, he’s on the other team and quit out before the game ended (probably to avoid a loss) in the pre-game lobby though he was an sr-140, did 343 raise the cap or something? Or is he just a modder?

I’d link u to the game but the waypoint apps not supported on iPad.

Report him. There’s no legitimate way to get SR140.

Why would u bother SR is pretty meaningless, although I agree report him/her.

I played vs a guy with a 140 a few weeks back.

Tweeted waypoint .
Said they would look into it.

Report to BS Angel

Yea I saw his youtube vid he is definitely a modder

A freaking modder! You need to report him!

Hax alert. I asked one on my friends who is level 130 now and cannot advance any further.

This ill-legitimacy based upon research I have done seems to be more common among the Mexican players. At the end of the game, use the post carnage report to access the profile’s gamercard, file a complaint, system tampering being the reason, and report the person. Also, if it does concern you that much, record the video (As if you are killed by the person, it will show their SR rank in the killcam) and upload it to your fileshare. Then you can try to contact BS Angel (I don’t know if she will respond, as B is for Bravo is the current admin of Halo Waypoint), try contacting Snickerdoodle (She seems very resourceful for these type of things), or reach out to Halo Waypoint on Twitter and tell them to look at the video in your fileshare as proof. That’s all you can really do about it.


Who cares? Rank means nothing anymore anyway. I can’t piece together why anyone would waste the time modding their rank in Halo 4.

So much necroing…

There is no legit way to be a SR140. Obvious modder is modding.

I’ve have not come across an SR-140 before, interesting. Has to be someone cheating…

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> I’ve have not come across an SR-140 before, interesting. Has to be someone cheating…

dude, read when this happen… 2013…