So today I figured I'd pin in that headset.

And converse a bit ingame. But thus far I hear nuffin’ from people speakin’ nor any reactions as I make attempts at doing so myself. The mic is turned on and the icon is positive when I speak.

Is there any additional options I ought to go into, I already have -everyone- enabled. But alas, no voice or sound, yet since I bought the game. Initially I thought they just altered the way communication works, and that I can’t hear people ingame/lobbies without having a headset plugged in.

But I read something about voicechat bans towards people who haven’t even used the feature yet, so fears are rising.

If that is the case, how do I look it up? Whether I’ve got it or nay.

Most likely these people weren’t using headsets is all.

Or in xbox live parties, which kinda killed xbox live in some sense.

people dont talk in game chat

I love coming across games where people have mics. Makes for good strategic talk and helps you to have a good time.

I remember the time when there used to be a nifty amount of chitter and chatter, with new familiarities being made. ;{

i always use in game chat and have met many friends in game