So today Destiny 2 launches it's Solstice Event and Forza Horizon releases it's Hot Wheels expansion

Destiny owes its longevity to changing.

And it appeals to players who enjoy adapting to changes.

Like I said, agree to disagree.

I’m not trying to persuade you.

You are free to disagree, but you would benefit to understand why Destiny’s model is so successful.

Bungie’s recycled lazy events that are set up to promote Eververse is no better than what 343 is offering.

These “AAA gaming companies” want players to spend money, but they don’t want to at least put a little effort in their game to show their player base a little respect for supporting them???

343 is no better then the Bungie today.

Seriously, how can 343 treat Halo like a looter shooter, that is literally following Destiny"s footsteps down to the T, but infinite doesn’t even have quarter of the content/loot Destiny has?

Wow. games that are multiple years old have more content and bigger expansions available to play? WEIRD RIGHT?

Cmon man, this isnt a fair comparison. (But i still choose Halo Infinite because its a super f***ing fun game)

That’s honestly part of why I stopped playing Destiny 2.

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It’s chill to sometimes go back and just check out old locations. Also, we all paid for them.
I stopped playing destiny when they explained vaulting with their atrocious release pipeline, stating that introducing something on the moon might break Io and that their compile time is over a day.
Bungie really dropped the ball with the pipeline on D2. There are games out there like WoW that have all the content from way back and approaching it’s 10th add-on and still being smaller than D2.
And if fixing one location breaks another, or a not changed location is being recompiled constantly, it just adds to the “horrible pipeline” argument.

At the same time, they introduced “New Player Experience” so they seem keen on attracting new players.
Right now, if you have no clue about the Destiny Universe, you’re thrown into a game with no context and no guide telling you what to do, how to get started. Red War gave you a good reason and explained the state of the D2 universe pretty good. Currently, you have no clue what the hell is going on, why the traveler is the way it is etc. You’re just supposed to figure it out.

And since you gave the example of “What purpose do I, someone who chases endgame every season, have?”
What purpose is there to artificially force you to grind 15 Seasonal Artifact levels on top of being hard capped with pinnacle gear just to run GMs? There is also no reason for that. The challenge comes from being low-light compared to the enemies. +15 on top of pinnacle gear is just a lazy excuse to force you to grind the old same stupid content for XP that you claim “why would I ever?”.