So today Destiny 2 launches it's Solstice Event and Forza Horizon releases it's Hot Wheels expansion

Destiny 2’s annual Solstice Event has begun, where players from day today until the event leaves are able to obtain large amounts of loot, including exclusive items both new and old and take part in new missions to celebrate summer and the significance of the event in Destiny’s story.

Forza launched its much anticipated Hot Wheels expansion that adds a massive exciting new area, dozens of cars, and many hours worth of content. Even though the game is considered a flop for having a beyond lackluster world map and the worst economy, this expansion and future ones are predicted to make the game much more popular and revitalize its playerbase.

What does Halo infinite have to offer? Another mini event that has a 20 tier battlepass that includes emblems and a few armor pieces that have been in the game files for months, boring cutscenes that reuse the training area of the game, no new maps or weapons, and the store was updated to include more overpriced pixels that have been datamined half a year ago.

Out of these 3 which will you chose? A game that’s rich with content with plenty more coming and a final expansion next year, a racing game with photo realistic graphics and a giant Hot Wheels track to rip on, or a dead game that feeds off Bungie’s legacy and is still a buggy mess with no content almost a year after launch?


If I’m being real? I wouldn’t choose either Infinite nor Destiny 2. I still like content and Destiny 2 seems to have a lot more of it than Infinite, but I left both games because they’re both chores.

Destiny 2 has content, but what’s the point of chasing it if it’s just gonna disappear like half of its planets?


That’s Cool

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Don’t forget Apex has the anime event…

I don’t really care for Forza… Destiny 2 Solstice is… I don’t wanna say garbage, but it’s about as engaging as LSS, LSS gave me some cool stuff and Solstice gave me a new handcannon… but I’m already done with both of them, so I don’t really need to choose.

It’s not like any of these events or content drops are things you really need to commit too, unless you want the seal for Solstice, which isn’t all that great a reward if we’re comparing things.

I get your point, Infinite should probably spice things up a bit, and soon, but I don’t think any of the competitors are gonna be doing anything particularly noteworthy.

At least Destiny’s seasonal content sticks around for an entire year, and expansion content for about 3-4years, instead of disappearing on a weekly basis. By the time it’s gone Ive long since moved on to newer, fresher content and generally don’t feel the need to play it ever again anyway.

I was extremely frustrated with the old seasonal model, where everything was only in it for 3 months and then was gone forever. Changing that to sticking around an entire year heavily alleviated the fomo and grind burnout.

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That hot wheels expansion looks good, haven’t got Horizon 5 as can’t afford it right now, waiting for Callisto Protocol in Dec, which should help, kinda have my last hopes on Infinite that after co-op and forge release that content comes, other than a short pass for an armour set I’m not even interested in, hopefully when cross core comes in it will help.

But yeah, Infinite should of had something bigger by now than 2 maps and couple of game modes

I played through the Hot Wheels Expansion and my god I haven’t felt so much excitement and fun in a Forza expansion since the FH3 Hot Wheels Expansion back in 2017. I completed all of the races and almost everything on day one.

Haven’t played Horizon 5 in a while, I should give it a shot. Really want to get a Steering Wheel for that game, one with pedals of course and a stick shift.

Is the expansion free or do I need to purchase it?

Neither. I am too busy playing Skyrim (with mods). It is infinitely better than Infinite and, yes, that pun was absolutely intentional.

Yeah the Hot Wheels expansion is the best thing they could’ve added to Forza. I hope you can experience it soon

It’s 19.99.

Sounds like a fun dlc for car lovers and stuff.

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Sounds good to me, thanks for the heads up!

Because some content becomes obsolete as new content yield more powerful rewards.

Like, Destiny 2 is my number one game, but there’s a good reason they vault content: wasted space.

What purpose do I, someone who chases endgame every season, have to ever go to the EDZ again?

I’m doing the Solstice this year (again) in Destiny 2, feels way too easy than the current years, I’m still enjoying it but feels too easy this year

Just to kick it? Mess around? I wish they’d find other ways to make content without vaulting planets.

That’s just me though.

Yes. Video games are “messing around”.

Why keep locations around if you have no reason to go there?

Because I like going to those locations?

So do I, but the appeal only lasts for so long.

It’s a similar issue with open-world games: big, empty, and sparse with opportunity.

Something something “halo infinite live service failure” joke #375693. I don’t disagree with OP’s take, it is what it is, but it’s a moot point for discussion. Hell, the entire thread went another way entirely lmao

Well we’ll just have to agree to disagree then.

It’s not like I don’t get why they’re doing it. Engine issues. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Just how I don’t like the fact they made elemental weapons static. You used to be able to change the elements on a gun but now you can’t anymore.

It was just one change after the other. Too many changes.