So tired of MELEE

ive had people one hit me with melee a buncha times now, full shields and everything
i dunno how you mess up the melee system for halo this bad, but leave it to 343 to mess stuff after makin halo games for like what, a decade now?


Melee damage feel’s fine. It just currently has less than a 1% chance of success. Desync and no player collision really show when trying to melee.

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Wish there was but how can you really. How can you stop not just one player rushing you but the whole team.

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I wish this was true and your right desync doesn’t help. 1 melee should only knock shields and do nothing to your health but that’s bot the case in infinite.

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What a way to try and contribute to a topic. The irony is that you end up falling for your own comment and sound exactly what you said.

I mean melee has always been one hit knock shields and then one BR shot to the head. It’s like that in every Halo so I don’t see an issue. Other then it takes forty days and forty nights for shields to recharge in this game.

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Your right about that but in previous halos you would have a chance to counter if you could with no shileds. In infinite if you get shot with a stray bullet and have 60% of shields your a one melee hit kill. Back in the day call outs where
“He’s a 1 shot”
Now it’s
“he got shot once quick rush him”
It’s not like changing the melee will drastically change the gameplay, I think it would improve the shooting aspect of the game rather than what it is now with everybody abusing this easy 1 shot 1 melee kill nonsense.


Sounds like halo 3 and halo reach and halo 4 and halo 5

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This is not true. The magnum and AR in infinite do not take “one stray bullet” you need to put more than a single bullet to become one shot. This was the case in all halos. Halo 3 AR melee combo is a classic, and you only need to take out about 20-30% of their shield it was arguably faster and stronger

Yeah lunge is weaker in this game than any, but that proves against OPs point aswell

if I shot you to 40% of your shield then melee you in let’s say halo 5, you’ll have 40% of your health. there is a difference.

Ok so what, I play CoD as well, but even I know melee is one of the key points of halo, it and grenades are constant for a reason.

Cope much.

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3 melee kill? How about 200 melee kill? How about 2 billion melee kill? How about we put Nerf bullets in all the guns? How about you just hit your head shots and quit sleeping with the scope up and you won’t be getting smacked. I very rarely get melee killed

What an absolute mad lad.

I was playing some custom games the other week with some friends and their friends. During an which I was destroying people with the AR and melee.

At one point they started talking smack and asking why I play like that.

“I have been playing like this since 2001”… They called me boomer and I went on to destroy them match after match.

It’s very perplexing the amount of people complaining about something that apparently has always been there. And before you quote me with percentage increase/decrease metrics… It doesn’t matter, I play with this style and it has always worked.


People like competitive more than they reialise and that’s what makes them not like the AR/melee playstyle. There is nothing wrong with your playstyle. It is Halo. There just need to be the proper playlists. There needs to be more ranked so these people don’t flood into the other modes because they have nothing else to play after ranked. I feel the same. There is only social FFA. I can’t turn off my skill. Eventually I stress people out and I notice it. They don’t want to play HCS and I don’t always want to play 4v4 either.

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Most of my Halo experience is with the original trilogy. So, I would just say when the lunge was introduced into Halo 3, it was one of the most controversial features in the game. In many ways, the lunge was more apparent than what I’ve seen in Infinite. However, it was a predictable feature and you knew about how to use it and how to avoid being killed by it. Even then, it was still quite frustrating at times especially with connection issues.

In Infinite, it’s difficult to know when the player will lunge at you or whiff. I’ve seen it both ways. And, likely, no collision and connection sync make it seem worse.

Then, if you also add in how some Melees override yours, which is mostly apparent with the Sword, things become even more frustrating. I believe there could be some element of damage that weapon deals and has dealt playing a role in the success of the Melee.

I have never been a fan of the lunge, personally, but it is what it is and just need to adjust to what is provided by the game’s design. Regardless, it would be good if they were to make these gameplay elements more consistent, which is probably more difficult than we think.

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Maybe you should try Brawl then, it’s not as good but it does have some fun things Melee doesn’t


Melee has always been strong in Halo. I dont think the lunge is any crazier than previous games.
The problem is consistency, usually due to lack of collision.

Repulsive, thrust, grapple, drop wall, Curb slide, drop slide etc.