So tired of MELEE

The community I feel is spilt down the middle with melee. Half say its fine leave it alone the other half say its too powerful. I agree with the melee being too powerful.

With BTB still not fixed its going to be a while now until I can play on the big maps and stop people melee spamming you to get easy kills. Before anyone says
“All you gotta do is back away”
This works some of the time and it doesn’t help that anyone can ZIP towards you with this stupid melee lunge.

As of now one melee hit
100% damage to shileds
40 % damage to health.

With Banished weapons melee damage is
100% damage to shileds
50% damage to health

Melee also has a lunge that can make people zip around the map!

This melee makes people play a certain way in infinite than in previous halos and im sick of it. All everyone does is shoot then rush you and smack you once for a kill. Even if your trying to shoot someone else, there will be someone smacking your from the side!

Combined with any weapon in infinite your always a second away from dying and have no way to run and recover. Shields have this delay at recharging thats annoying me too. They shouldn’t take that long to recharge and trying to run away you still die from a stray bullet that can bend around corners. Halo infinite always feels like you die every 2 seconds and it’s how 343 made the game. Nowa day games have to have a quick TTK but for me that’s not halo.

Nearly every weapon in infinite has the ability to 1 shot 1 melee kill you.
People talked about the Mangler being nerfed and I tried to say its not the Mangler that needs a nerf its the melee. There are so many weapons in infinite that act like or are power weapons so you can get kills quick sure but you die way too quick also. Trying to balance every weapon would take too long so why not just reduce the melee damage.

It’s supposed to be a shooter but all people do is melee you. Watching someone win a game with 20 kills and 18 of them are from melee’s. You can even see medals for how many melee kills you have. Its ridiculous that no matter what gun you have you going to kill them with your elbow so what’s the point at picking up any other weapon.

Before anyone over thinks that I want melee to be nerfed to a point where it does no damage please just understand that I just want the melee to be balanced better so that its not as powerful as it is now. You shouldn’t get easy kills because of melee. You should nearly be punished for even to try and melee. Melee should be a last resort not a main way to fight in a shooter.

1st I would remove this lunge feature that melee has now and replace it with a knock back.
Knock back would be a better balance trade off than a lunge. It would stop people zooming or zipping all over the place. Knock back would also keep people apart rather than being that close to each other all the time.

2nd reduce the damage so that you would be a 3 melee kill.
1 to knock your shields only.
2 to take 50% health off.
3 to kill you.
This would make the 1 shot 1 melee into a
1 shot 2 melee.
This would take time and would punish you for trying to spam a mechanic over and over. At the moment with how much damage does already and how many weapons act like power weapons…your basically a 1 melee hit kill all the time in infinite and I want it to stop.

343 reduce the melee damage get rid of the lunge and increase the shield recharge rate.


The melee balance is fine

[quote=“Raw_Geansai, post:1, topic:494060”]
ZIP towards you with this stupid melee lunge.
[/quote] Uh…have you played a halo game before? Melee is as weak as it’s ever been.

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You can basically shoot any gun, take a small percentage of shileds off and melee them once for a kill. Your wrong the melee is too powerful.


I’m a halo veteran been playing for years and your trying to say that melee is weak. What game have you been playing?


Which is how it’s been for all the Halo games.

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“If you have a different opinion than myself than don’t post, I’d like to keep this an echo chamber of melee haters, thanks”


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This game the melee doesn’t feel right at all.

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All you do is troll. I’ve seen you post before kid

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That I agree with. I have to be right up in my enemy’s face, breathing on his faceplate in order to do any damage. In past games, you’d lunge.

I’m sorry? I think you have me mistaken with someone else.

First of all. I HATE NO COLLISION.

I think that ruins melees more than anything. I constantly phase through enemy’s causing confusing and even broken melees. I have meleed THROUGH people before. I’ve been back smaked while facing someone. You name it. I experienced it.

The lunge. It’s definitely stronger in this game. If it can keep up with a thruster pack then it’s definitely stronger. It wasn’t as strong in halo 5. The lunge should be reduced. Overall I hate the lunge period. Nobody should be folating up to you from a lower platform because if the lunge. You can even lunge around corners if you time it right. The larger lunge also ruined jump over ninjas. You can no longer do it unless the player is really that bad.

No thruster packs. Without the thruster pack you cant get away from the lunge anymore. Many, many, many times if I had the thruster I would’ve been able to side step a melee and shot them in the face. You were able to thrust backwards as well.

The Sprint. Since there is no penalty for sprinting a lot of people will drop the gun fight at the last second just to run up and melee you.

Trading. Many battles end in trades because of everything above. It’s frustrating because a lot of times things are close combat. Especially strong holds and oddball. I want to shoot my gun more than I melee.

Percentages also need to be fixed.

Overall thank you for making this post. I thought I was the only one. Literally all that ever happens in this game is melees


Anyone can look at your activities and seen how you are kid and I know you on here

Woah, geeze, alright. Dang, don’t need to get worked up about it.

But, honestly my fix was perfect. Can you edit your post please?

You were trying to help. I thought you were making a nonsense comment.
Will do

Agree. Realistically the melee damage makes sense, spartans punching really hard while also their armor weighing a ton. But from a gameplay standpoint it is just so noobish. As if tryhards in call of duty who sprint around the map with swords or whatever wasnt annoying enough. I really dont get why fps games insist on making melee so powerful. Most of the people I play against that melee most of the game usually are very bad at aiming. People think the AR or the Sidekick take no skill, players who spray the AR not even strafing, but just charging up to you to melee you, takes the least skill in the game, even less skill than power weapons. Everytime I meet a melee scrub it reminds me of griefers in GTA online where their oppressor mk2 cannot lock onto vehicles with lock on jammers, so they -Yoink!- out and end up blowing themselves up with their own rockets. I might die a couple times to that melee scrub because he caught me off guard, but if I know hes there I just try to keep my distance while he brainlessly charges up at me spamming the melee button. Its especially funny if they -Yoink!- you after meleeing you, then you stomp him with actual guns and revenge -Yoink!-. Melee lunge needs to be toned down.


I think its crazy that if melee damage was reduced people would think it will drastically change the game. Your right with what you said. Most people do is spray and rush at you for a melee. I know that in previous halo melee was strong and you can get kills with it but not like it is now in infinite.

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there are tons of things in the game to counter this, from equipment, to movement physics, its fine.

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This topic reads like it was written by a CoD player that is new to halo.

Melee should be a shield breaker, not a spartan killer. its been like that in every game up until infinite.

Reach, you get punched, you lose your shields, you got a second to react and not die. in 4, you get punched, you lose your shields, you got a second to react and not die. in 5, you get punched, you lose your shields, and not die.

in infinite? shoot em til they glow alittle then gun it to hit them. it promotes poor gameplay loops.