So This Is The New Halo Then?

I know I’ve expressed my opinion about many of the problems on countless occasions but i can’t help but feel outraged by what they have done to the Halo Franchise.

Don’t get me wrong, The Core Gameplay is brilliant, with only a two handful of tweaks that could be made, but this does not make up for what they have done with everything else. Halo is now officially a Paywall Game. They might as well of called it ‘Halo - Credit-Card Evolved’.

The whole game has literally been made to make you spend money. I mean for those that can’t and wont spend money, they have nothing to work towards.

A Spartan Rank should have been here from day 1!! Give people something to work towards without feeling left out if they don’t by the Battle Pass. Let them earn XP per game and for performance towards their Spartan Rank and allow them to unlock Armour and others things without having to buy anything whatsoever.

I’m sorry but “This is a Free Game” is not a valid argument here. WE DID NOT ask for the game to be free. I’m 100% sure every single Halo Player would have paid to buy the game regardless. It should have been left as it always was, buy the game once and unlock things while you play earning XP for game and performance. On the side, you could have things people COULD buy but in no way forced to.

At this present time, I’ve already finished all my weekly challenges, event challenges and ultimate challenge. after every game I play now, I get a absurd 50XP just because i played. Regardless of what I done in-game, I get that 50XP. The problem is, I just don’t feel rewarded, I don’t feel like I’m making progress at all. Give me a Spartan Rank to work towards, it shouldn’t be only about a Battle Pass which again you need to buy otherwise you have nothing to work towards at all. We don’t want to be Challenge orientated.


HALO isn’t Call of Duty
HALO isn’t Fortnite

We don’t care what other games are doing. We just want Halo how Halo has always been!!!

I miss when looking cool was a flex of skill and not your credit card…

Changes That NEED to be made:

  • Add Spartan Rank
  • Add XP for Performance and Games
  • Add CrossPlay Optional
  • Stick to your words (Free Events mean FREE events)
  • Add free unlockables like Halo has always been.
  • Add Rejoin Option in Ranked

All opinions and arguments (for and against) are welcome. These forums are for us discuss these issues and everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.


I feel like they hired many mobile game developers as contractors, and there’s always immense politics with development teams (care more about deadlines than product - I am on one). The credits also showed a large number of contractors in many teams throughout 343i.

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You’re not wrong their bud, it certainly does feel like that. It feels like all the game on the Apple/ Samsung Store - without spending money, you don’t get -Yoink!- all!!

I remember getting jealous at somebody back in the OG Halo 3 days when I saw someone with the SCOUT shoulders, I was like “damn, I wish I could get them”

then, after months of attempts, I finally got the Mongoose Mowdown achievement and my long sought-after shoulders

Now? I see somebody with armor and all I’m thinking is how much they paid for it, there is no sense of accomplishment anymore, it’s a real shame.

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No sense whatsoever. Do you remember in Halo 3 when you saw someone with Recon. Everyone would go nuts and try do anything they can get get it.

This game has taken away everything Halo was the best for.

Such a shame!!!