So they consulted "Pros" for multiplayer???

So why do we have these lame power weapon countdown for the spawn and call out for it? So lame. Can’t see why pros would want that.

It’s a nice heads-up when the weapon is going to spawn.

It was like that in Halo 4 too, minus the vocal callout. You’d see a timer until the weapon pods crashed down and spontaneously exploded, killing you, or just materialising out of nowhere because Wargame Simulation logic.

It does still have competitive nature, especially makes it more competitive to people who usually don’t care to time weapons. So now everyone ALWAYS goes for it, making it tougher.

It’s a good thing to add. I like it and hope they keep it like that.

So that players who’ve played the game more don’t have an unfair advantage over newer players; sometimes, the matchmaking system has to pair higher ranked players with lower ranked ones. It’s also because some people set up timers in real life to know when power weapons are going to spawn, and you shouldn’t be able to do anything outside of the game that will help you in the game.

I understand why people would want players who have dedicated more of their time to finding all of the power weapons to have an advantage, but matches are much more interesting when everyone is on an equal playing field.

In Halo CE and 2, pro players used to set a timer after picking up power weapons. Power weapons always respawned exactly two minutes after pickup, so it not only made sense to keep track of this, it also gave you an advantage over the other team as they probably wouldn’t know the exact respawn time. If you don’t believe me search the app store on your phone for “Halo Timer” i’m sure there are plenty of them.
This change explains the power weapon respawns to casual players while removing what one might consider an “unfair” advantage for pros.
I dislike many of the changes made by 343 but this one makes perfect sense to me.

Just because they consulted with the pro’s doesn’t mean that the pro’shop had the final say.