So these random weapon spawns...

In my opinion, random weapon spawns will in no way detract from the skill required to obtain a power weapon. If anything, it will increase the skill needed. No longer will camping weapon spawns be an option. Now, the better team must work together to defeat their opponents and win the power weapon. With this system, the better team will always win. Any new player can learn weapon timers and camp them the whole game. Now, however, you must deploy teamwork and individual shooting and strafing skill in order to obtain the power weapons. As I understand, there are plenty of warnings as to when it will drop, so I see no reason that one team should be prepared and the other isn’t.

Do you think this new system will work as I have described, or do you still believe it requires less skill? Please, discuss.

-Yoink!- dude, have you been living under a rock? the spawns AREN’T RANDOM.

Pardon my french.

> -Yoink!- dude, have you been living under a rock? The spawns ARE NOT RANDOM.

As I understand it, there are certain spots where they will fall, similar to KotH in which the hill will move to a number of random locations that are set on the map. So in a sense, yes they are random. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Sorry I blew up man. The spawns are varied, but predictable.

frankie posted on neoGaf that it isn’t random. you can learn the timing and everything…just is more complicated.

and i am too lazy to go through 40 pages of neogaf to get you the link…