So, there's this issue that I'm having...

I haven’t been on this portion of the forum yet very much so I wouldn’t know if something similar to this has been posted yet.

So recently I have returned to the lingering Halo 3 matchmaking, and I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been doing as good as I used to when the only game I played was Halo 3. I have my moments sometimes, but the magic just isn’t really there anymore. Is this because I have been playing Reach more than Halo 3?

I’m just worried that how I’m doing in Halo 3 will carry over to Halo 4. So what do you guys think?

Around 1998-2001 I played a lot of Quake (1, 2 and 3) and I was quite good at it. Lately I played few matches in Quake Live, and I had similar problem. Gameplay wasn’t what I remembered and I was laming all the time.
However for me playing Halo 3 is always like a wearing favorite part of shoes. I suck in this game more than I suck in Halo Reach, and much more than other games I play (CoD, Battlefield, Killzone etc), but I always feel comfortable with it’s phisics and gameplay. That’s not necessary good for my rank, k/d and stuff, because it makes me relaxed and I’m not as cautious as when I’m playing Reach or other games, but it’s great stress relief.
I actually hope Halo 4 will similar to Halo 3 even though I know I will suck in it.

I’ve noticed I’m better at Halo 3 than I ever was!

Maybe it’s because you’re rusty?

I had the same issue when I came back from Reach to Halo 3.

It takes a while to get used to H3 again but just keep playing and you will be fine.

I was playing reach for about a year then went back to halo 3 had the same problem as you.keep playing you will get better.

Thanks for the input guys!