So the unfortunate news about Halo Infinite

If people have not heard yet but Halo: Infinite WILL have microtransactions, those heretic grunts…

But thing is, even though people are disappointed about the microtransaction reveal and we can all agree that we PREFER to not have it included but no matter what the fans do, they will not take it out. If 343i had to put micro’s in the game. I seriously hope they learn from halo 5 and DO NOT do the following:

  • Make armor customization a randomized drop from REQS. This is one of the most hated things halo 5 done as it didn’t offer players a choice of their armor or show any achievement for those armors (Besides Achillies, Olive and Tim). and if 343i want to get respect from their community, they should not put the customization into a bunch of random packs.

In related to Armor, another thing 343i shouldn’t do is make exclusive armor, inclusive. remember when helioskrill was given to those players who fought CE through 4 on Legendary? I do and I done it and the fact a kid could spend money for a easy chance to get the armor with NO EFFORT. seriously **** me right off. Let players who do hard work keep that hard work item, don’t go making it public and yet not making others still exclusive, it’s just insulting.

  • Do not do what Halo Wars 2 did and make dupes increase your power. now it is a bit off the topic but if 343i by any chance make it so that buying packs and you’re allowed to increase a weapon / vehicles effectiveness (Perhaps ammo / armor) with dupes will just mark the game as a pay 2 win.

  • Do not add anything that might have a dramatic change to it, examples would be: New weapons, Vehicles or abilities as like the one before, it’s basically encouraging players to go buy that pack to get to the opposing players level of utility.

  • Do not do rarity for items. the thing that really bothers me with games now-a-days is how they manipulate their players by showing off some bad -Yoink- item but have a low chance of getting it. it’s basically milking people their money with their desperation to get that certain item. In all, just return customization back to reach. make them earn-able and worth the grind.

As I said before, I seriously hate Microtransactions, I will literally say they are the cancer to games as they destroy what made the games fun anymore but I will say halo 5 isn’t the WORSE game to have microtransactions cause in the end, you still unlock items and ONLY get dupe usable power weapons. but in my opinion another way to make microtransactions agreeable would be:

  • Introducing map packs (You know, packs with maps and maybe include some other stuff) and I know this does make this pretty much exclusive to those who don’t want to spend money but the difference between a map pack & Lootcrates is that, you can buy a map pack and get it permanently just for around £20.00 max while you can buy an low average loot pack for the same amount and still get regrettable items.

I will say a good example is halo 4’s Champions Bundle, you got maps, armor, skins and poses for just £7.60. what a good price for an alright bundle if you tell me.

  • Another one is to make alternative skins or slight redesign of an existing armor, if anyone ever played Titan Fall 2. people should kind get the understanding what I mean. you pay for what you want and you only change a few slight things that aren’t too dramatic, a new design to your titan but still has that same-ish look, camo, skins and a new execution for the titans. So try imaging that in a pack in halo. few will argue and few will accept it. in the end as long you don’t make it TOO DRAMATIC. it shouldn’t cause a big issue. that is why I recommend alternative armors (Like a classic pack I guess like halo 5’s reach helmet sets)

by no means do I want to advertise 343i to go doing microtransactions but I just want them to do it right and fair where the community can accept it with a little grudge. as long they keep away from what they done in Halo 5 / Halo Wars 2 and FAR FAR AWAY from what Call of Duty does with it’s microtransactions then hopefully and fingers crossed they can make the microtransaction acceptable for infinity.

P.S. I apologies if the topic sounds hypocritical, I’m not the best at wording my sentences all that well and tend to twist words up that makes it come off different than what I wanted it to be.

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