So.... The radar is useless

I played past halo games with radar and never in my life I had an issue with it. For some reason the radar indication is far beyond inconsistent to the point where anyone is displaying movement like literally behind or the side of you but you don’t know they are there after they shoot you. I never had that happened before in previous halo games where in order for you to not get detected is by not moving or crouch walk. You might as well play without radar in any game because why bother having it? Please fix this.


Don’t get me started on the short range combined with a slow server tick rate and slow refresh rate (that might be tied to the tick rate?), add in the desync and it’s the most inaccurate iteration to date. I do better in ranked and SWAT than BTB and Arena without it.


It’s so frustrating and that annoyed me more when playing Fiesta one can barely react and kill an enemy specially if the come with sword or hammer by the way Fiesta should be called Team Sword/Hammer.


As much as I love Fiesta. It feels like mid-mission conditions in the multiplayer sandbox, best of both worlds IMO. The broken radar and desync (SPNKr basically has no splash damage and the hit reg is shoddy at best) ruin the experience often and I turn the game off.

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radar is useless because the rest of the game is useless.


No it isn’t, and it’s far from useless… People are just far too dependent on it giving them so much information with very little effort . Now they have to put a little bit more effort in playing the game, which honestly just means they have to pay attention, look and figure out things on their own before blindly bum rushing into area’s.

That’s the current range of the 18 radar, and even now I get plenty of information from it to out smart and out play enemies all the time.

People just need to learn how to adjust to it so they can use it properly too. If not, they can always return to the Master Chief Collection if they cannot.

Anyone that “worthless” though is just bad. They’re nothing but comments of pure ignorance.

Lol did you just contradict yourself, you said that the radar is not useless but you are also claiming that people depend on radar too much. You are supposed to really on it if it is there. You sound insane.