So the prices of the shop bundles are increased again because they contain a lot of legendary and epic items. If you can only get certain items from the shop, they’re all the same rarity!

Ske7ch posted on Twitter that the prices from last weeks ‘Ullr’ bundle and this weeks ‘Leadbelcher’ bundle were increased from 1200 credits to respectively 1600 and 1700 credits because the bundles contain a lot of legendary and epic items.

WHAT!? How would that work 343? ALL items from the bundles can only be obtained from the shop. So by default they all have the same rarity!

Please, if it works like that, make all the shop items rare instead of legendary and epic and lower the prices of the bundles to 100 and max 500 credits. Thanks.


Yeah this is bull crap! If you have to buy it to have it then it’s not any more rare than the next thing you buy. This rarity system is just some bs to make things more expensive than others because they know it will be more popular and sell more. All just so they can make more money off of specific items that they know they’ll make bank with.

As it stands 343i will continue to not receive a single penny from my wallet. They’re only putting up bundles, increasing the price for no reason other than to just make more money and they won’t let you purchase anything from the bundles as single items. Nope, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to buy bundles. I have no interest in the bundle. I usually only have interest in one item so I’m spending $12-20 on one single piece. That’s not a justifiable purchase to me.


At this point a lot of people just left again. I’ve seen more and more I’m out see you during fractures and that’s it.


What about the “legendary” items that have been in the shop two times? Are they still “legendary” and “rare”, if people had the chance to buy them over a longer period of time than other items that have been in the shop for less time? The quantity is always the same, every week - there is no limited skins. And don’t come to stupid conclusions from that statement. We don’t need a limited amount of skins.

Ske7ch’s whole statement is complete bullcrap. You made the price and rarity up, my guy - there is no marketplace to trade these skins on a real marketplace, like f.e. in Rust, CS:GO or whatever, where you can pretty much see what items are actually rarer.

Another of ske7ch’s quotes was: “Note that much of the shop feedback will take more time to implement.” You guys received shop feedback for the high prices months ago and already adjusted them to a way fairer price than before. The prices were raised again not so many weeks ago and now you need to “take more time to implement” our shop feedback …again?

Please 343, for the love of Halo, get back to reality. You might get our money, if you don’t try to screw us over all the time. Trust needs to be earned and you’re losing it every day a little bit more.


the concept of rarity is just an illusion to create a sense of value when in fact none of the cosmetics, especially cosmetics you have to spend money on, have any value. but people keep buying them. nobody at microsoft or 343 cares about the gamers. their customers are the investors and as long as a few gamers keep spending money in the shop, the game is a success. the playernumbers, no matter how low and how unsatisfied don’t matter. the revenue created is the only measure that counts to microsoft and 343.
and judging by the players wearing cosmetics online, the revenue created by this game is high enough.


Anyone that has made purchases at the shop can blame themselves for 343i behavior. You’re being fleeced people.

If its store bought, they can’t have the role of “Legendary/Epic” armor. It more of so fits the “Exclusive” armor since it can’t really be obtained again.

Any armor that has an ACTUAL rarity should be obtainable. And NOT in the battlepass. Since its something everyone gets to eventually.


This game is starting to become a nightmare. The stupid endless tweets about LEARNING FROM THE SHOP. What the HELL is there to learn from the shop? Thousands of people stated thousands of times that the shop is overpriced. And now a little over a month in season 2 and somehow everybody at 343 seems to have amnesia about the shop prices. Never mind the desync, shotty snipers not being shotty snipers, lack of gamemodes, we get PR disasters like “Moochers of Reach” and now the racist “Bonobo”. Bonnie Ross actually thinking it was a palette OPTION!! How can you be more detached from your own game?

I wonder what has to happen when someone at 343 stands op and asks everybody in the company: “WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE WE DOING TO THIS FRANCHISE?”


Don’t worry too much about that - it’ll be rare because no one will buy them.

Absolute break of the non existant teust i had in 343i

And ashamed to say i got home real drunk and bought the eaglestrike bundle for the botherhood of steel mjolnir helmet. Thinking "its fine its not much (15 bucks!) And then wondered where i got the new gear the next day rationalised it away as ill use it with cross cores, then recalled that fractires arent part of cross core in the road map far as I know.

Sorry my guys i screwed up, im part of the problem and let you all down.
Sincerely yours
A naughty spartan


I think the rarest cosmetics in Infinite should be the weekly ultimate rewards, product promotions (like the nail polish coating) or Twitch Drops, because those types of cosmetics are actually rare and are way more difficult to get your hands on then just buying it whenever the store updates. The rarity categories really aren’t that important in Halo Infinite. It seems 343 uses this rarity system not for player satisfaction but more so to help justify their prices. I think it’s rather odd that one bundle is more expensive than a six month Battle Pass, especially when that bundle has way less items than a BP, plus the entire customization system is limited by restricted Armor Cores from the get-go.


You sir/madame/or other wise, are xorrect. Thank you for contribution.
I have nothing to add.


The problem is people see legendary and think its a description of the scarcity of an item. The way to look at it is legendary items are top shelf whereas common items are bottom shelf. The legendary stuff looks cooler and thus is more expensive like buying polo ralph lauren vs shopping at walmart.

Its been this way in games with micro transactions for a while. You can buy the generic skin for cheap or pay more for the shiny cool skin with more details in pretty much every game with microtransaction.

Yall would really hate Pokemon Unite. That game has some skins that are $5 and some that are $40 and it is very clear how much cooler the $40 skins are. COD does it too you can get a cool looking operator skin or weapon that looks really cool for $20 or pay $5 for a weapon/ operator skin that is much less flashy

You’re paying for $40 dollar skins, dude. That’s what makes this entire explanation ridiculous.

Rarities in Halo make no sense. Why is it there if it’s only used to market $20 armor packs?


If they changed the name of the ‘Rare’ tier to something else, like say, ‘Acclaimed’ then they would just be categories instead of rarity levels.

The problem with pricing would still remain of course.

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I can’t afford $40 skins personally and yes that price is ridiculous considering most games cap out at $20 or $25 for the most expensive bundles.

Like I said many games use the same method of rarities and pricing as Halo. You have to look at it like price ranges instead of the way gamers are use to thinking rarity indicates drop rate.

Its just an arbitrary way of naming them. It is confusing to gamers definitely. They could have labeled legendary as “luxury” and labeled rare as “economy” or “value”. They could just get rid of the tags altogether but then there is less for people to compare and be jealous of which leads to less sales

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Or label it as a store cosmetic.

And have it be non-canon armor from fracture events. I saw the soldier armor set in there for some reason when it was included in H4 and 5. Both traditional paid games that cost $60 at most.

Rarity needs to go, on a scale of 1-10 Rarity shouldn’t determine the specialty of Armor Cosmetics, I can afford this but I’m not spending almost $25AU to just use 1 shoulder piece

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I suspect that REQ Packs will be making their return.
There is no other reason why “rarity” is a thing with the items UNLESS the REQ system will be making its return.
Which, good news, means that War Zone and War Zone Firefight will be likely making their returns as well.

Through intrinsic economic principles, higher priced items will be more rare. The higher the price, the fewer people will buy it.

I think it’s kinda a lame way to approach cosmetic monetization, but that’s just me.