So the enigma bundle is back in store the bundles do rotate back in

okay daily reset just hit and I checked the store and the enigma Helmet bundle and the scarlet medic bundle are back in so it appears that older bundles do rotate back in so I guess their really isn’t any FOMO in the store?

now the prices of these can be dropped a bit but thats another post all together


Well, sort of. We’ll have to see how that works once they start adding more content though.

true and we need to see if the weeklies also rotate back in as well

This the lore forum.

The rotation is still done to keep you checking the store every day. Also while both daily bundles are repeats they weren’t on the same day before, so its not a regular rotation.

Its not ‘as’ fomo, but its definitely designed to make you want to get it now over even waiting a day or two, as you don’t know when they’ll come back

oops and I know but still they rotate back in so kinda cuts the FOMO if you think about it and I’ll get this in the right spot

Given that there’s no other source for these pieces, I sort of expected they’d rotate back in eventually. I doubt 343 would design 6 (well 7) months of worth stuff just to have it be one time deals only.

bingo and like folks think that they made the store be a FOMO thing when in reality it isn’t

It still is. There’s no reason why they couldn’t just have all these bundles available.

If someone is on the fence to buy something, they need to get it NOW, because if they don’t, they don’t know when it’ll rotate back in again. Not everyone checks the store every day, but now it creates an incentive to do so, out of fear you’ll miss something.

Yes, its not gone forever, but its designed to create inconvience for those that wait, and reward those who check frequently and impulse buy.

Imagine going to a clothing store and finding out they don’t sell black shirts today, and the clerk can’t tell you when they’ll have black shirts available again, but they will, sometime. Just keep checking back.

The FOMO will exist, but we have to wait to see the extent of it later down the line. I’d imagine most things will rotate in and out of the store (but become less frequent as more content trickles in) while event items might be a one and done deal.

E.g. The Chonmage bundle might never return or it will return in January or mid April or something because we have no idea if they have unique bundles scheduled for every session of Tenrai or if they only have 3 bundles giving you 2 chances to get it.

that is also a question I have in my mind as well we’ll have to wait until January to see