So the anvil round can hit air units too

Just tested this with a friend. An anvil round can definetly splash air units. I tested it with a forge hog and engineers. 3 out of 6 engineers had a sliver of health left and the remaining engineers were below half health. I thought I would share this in case if anyone wasn’t mad enough about forge hog already. By the way I haven’t seen it for myself but the anvil round can apparently nuke Anders sentinels according to a friend of mine.

lol not only does it hit air units but it tends to be more effective against them since they clump more. Ever see 7 hornets get one shotted? It sucks. Its weird you cant target them but can still hit them for full damage. Seems like an oversight.

its funny how things go back and forth with leaders being up And op

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> its funny how things go back and forth with leaders being up And op

Its turned me off from this game really. Honestly i was having more fun using a somewhat underpowered leader and seeing more variety in my games. Every match now is a Forge Mirror or Serina Base freeze exploiter, if its anything else i just nuke their army into oblivion with anvil rounds, phoenix missiles, and scatterbombs.

Yeah it kinda sucks at the moment. I didn’t really see an issue with it until I saw what it could actually do. Was playing a game as Colony and was building up quite a few units, air and anti vehicle as I had anticipated the Grizzlies. Then this warthog comes up and just wipes me out leaving the grizzlies and his teammate to scrape my remains away.

Oh it hits everything. Its a tactical nuke

Learned the hard way. Thought I was being clever using Banshees to counter, one second later my banshee squad got removed from the skies.