So thats where the 500millions went?

This forge is absurd can’t whait to play it all ready !!! But please bring a pvp extraction like in halo 4 it is your best objetive by far in halo history and give us re join for rank!


Honestly couldnt give a crap about forge.

Fix the desync thats all anyone cares about


343 bald faced lied about the extent of content that would be at launch, and after launch this game has had the most dismal content drought/drip of any game of this level, but no amount of content makes any difference to me if … my melee’s don’t register, weapons don’t register, grenades that slip into subspace when thrown, desync, lag, absolutely no social aspect to the game in the slightest, no DLC for campaign till 2025-26 even though it was marketed as a live service game.

The only people who care about Forge will be a small core group of players in their own little world who actually don’t care whether there is a large player base, Forge will be their own little playground.

My intent is not to belittle people who want Forge, but for most Forge enthusiasts, a healthy player base is of no consequence as long as they have their own forge friends to play with, “that is in their own words.”

I paid for game pass for well over a year as 343 kept promising content and fixes … all lies, and that has pissed me off, it would be like paying gym membership fees for a gym that was all run down and broken equipment.

Membership fees to play a game are no different, except gaming companies figure there is nothing anyone can do about their thieving ways, and for some disgusting reason, not enough people care about 343’s lies, and to me, that is concerning.

343 is all but done, the writing has been on the wall for a long time now, and they are taking Halo Infinite down with them.


I am super excited for forge but honestly none of it matters if the game won’t function to run any of the new content. Fix Desync


Though I do think desync should take some more priority, desynnc gets minimized whenn more people play. Forge will probably bring a lot of people back. Especially with how capable forge is.

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No it won’t. Forge could be the greatest in the franchise and it still won’t bring people back because Infinite’s core gameplay is broken, weak sauce, garbage.


Yes It will. There will be maps created like you have never seen for custom games. Granted there are some issues with Halo Infinite. I already have 7 new modded game types ready to go. My BTB maps are going to be awesome. New stuff will be added to my Capture The Flag maps, Stronghold maps, Close Quarters maps, Stockpile maps, Total Control maps and one really EXTREME SLAYER MAP!.

I don’t run little girly men stock maps. Never Have and Never Will. I mod them to be more fun.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Oh you mean the custom games that haven’t been functional since day 1? Yeah, no. Forge will die without properly functioning customs. Infinite has lost most of its playerbase due to ill will from the devs toward the community. Nobody trusts 343 anymore, and rightfully so. Everything about Infinite has been a complete lie.


I haven’t played forge or crazy custom games since Halo3.

I’m afraid I got old and boring. Although if forgers make solid maps that can be played in matchmaking playlists on Slayer/Objective games I’ll appreciate their hard work.

However more importantly, when’s ranked FFA and Doubles out?

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Granted the editing game modes do suck cuz you cant edit your game modes after you made your first custom game mode. Otherwise, you have to delete your orig. custom game mode and start over. Yes it’s a pain in the butt but it does work.

  1. Select server
  2. Select local offline
  3. Select map “FIRST!!!”
  4. Select your custom game mode
  5. Start game
  6. then end game
  7. As soon as you can select server and select Xbox online
    ( make sure your name is showing on top right of page )
  8. Hit Play!

I don’t play in the multiplayer area at all. I focus on custom games only! I only have a few friends that have Halo Infinite so we get together to play Custom Games. Would be nice to have a “Custom Game Browser” so I can get more people to join my Custom Games Server!

Side Note: Would be nice if we had Forge so I can finish my Custom Games Maps!

Works for me!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I’m curious, was 343 given 500 million?

Because if that is true, where the hell is the content for this game knowing 2 full complete games can be created with that amount.

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It is absolutely criminal that 343 refuses to fix the biggest problem the game faces. No other fps has ever had this issue and 343’s brass just gas light the players.

This is why Infinite cannot even hold 3,900 players a day.

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That’s not what I’ve heard. Almost everyone unanimously agrees that Infinite’s core gameplay is good. However, bugs and weapon issues are what they have problems with. I personally think that the Pulse Carbine could do with some changes to make it easier to use.

Actually, I still partially trust 343. I’m not satisfied with their work, but still can trust that they will have a good game.

Desync Really hasn’t been to bad for me lately at all and I have once Destnc problems in other FPS games.
Fortnite NBs recently has been terrible with really bad Desync and buggy. Also Apex but their creators aren’t even listening or trying to fix the problems.
Warzone isn’t to bad but Warzone, add anti-cheat and still you find a lot of hackers maybe not as many. Plus all these other problems that never have been solved or it seems they get fixed but every other update something else breaks or the problems that were patched come back.

So I don’t think we should put to much hate on Halo right now.

No OP.

$500,000,000 budget to develop four builds of the game, one of which became the final build of the game.
Not to mention marketing for the game usually costs as much as the actual development cost, what with all the cross promotional material, billboards, tv trailers, etc.
Add on top of that the re-structuring of the Blam! Engine into the Slipspace Engine.
And the contractor companies that are used by 343 Industries to help with actual development.

Had Halo Infinite’s final build been the ONLY build, it would have likely been more like a budget of around $150,000,000


100% wrong. How is MIDfinite’s core gameplay even good when it really is quite stale, repetitive, and uninspired and especially a DEVOLUTION from Halo 5? MIDfinite has the worst vehicle and weapon sandboxes I have ever seen, further worsened by its lack of proper hit detection and overall poor gameplay design. Those people who “unanimously” agree with MIDfinite’s gameplay being decent are blinded by nostalgia, have never played and enjoyed Halo 5, or both.

Also, the 343 we are dealing with now is NOT the same 343 that made Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo Wars 2, or MCC from 2019 to 2021.

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Oh I remember you Freddy.

Halo Infinite’s core gameplay is well designed on paper, but the problem does indeed lie with how the sandbox was coded.

Vehicles handle awkwardly and do pitiful damage output while able to take hits as well as if they were made of paper mache, and the map design is VERY vehicle unfriendly with how much the map narrows it down to what amounts to “streets” instead of it being true off-road gameplay.

The weapons sandbox is a bit troubling and HOPEFULLY we will get the proper weapons added to the game to fix it, plus some tuning updates to things such as the Commando Rifle.

As for the servers, desync, and hit-reg and such; there is a SLEW of issues that apply to this.

  • Non-Universal Hardware -
    Halo Infinite is designed to be played on the Xbox Series X, and yet we have Xbox One players thrown into the mix. A game designed to be running on the next-generation of hardware forced to be playable on the previous generation DOES boost playercounts at the cost of those players also adding to the problem.
    Their consoles have difficulty running the game, which further amplifies the next issues.

  • Reimagining the Blam! Engine -
    Halo has used the same engine since 2001, just with upgrades here and there to make it keep up-to-date with hardware performance and industry expectations. But Blam! 6.0 was more than that. They redesigned and overhauled the engine beyond just a mere update, so much so that they renamed it to the Slipspace Engine.
    And last time the engine had been overhauled this much was back in Halo 2’s development, and even the devs back then state that the engine was difficult to work with, caused multiple issues, and was held together by luck and duct tape.

  • Servers are crap -
    This certainly doesn’t help as players connecting to servers are having connection issues the likes that haven’t been seen since the earliest days of AOL Online connection to games. Damage not registering being a consistent issue, players lag-ghosting, and connection times taking forever.
    The server system needs to be attended and the programming in the game needs to be viewed and retouched by networking professionals.

Now, onto this point that confuses me.

Halo 5 Gorbians had a descent gameplay sandbox and such, but I will have to say that like with Halo 4; it was not Halo so to speak.
The addition of thrusters, scope hovering, and a few other adjustments was quite absurd. Granted they made the game work well, unlike how with Halo Infinite’s oddly broken code.

343 has finally taken a step back and made a gameplay formula that feels like actual Halo again instead of being just a copy-cat hybrid of Halo with something else.

Halo 4 was Call of Halo 4: Generic Warfare.
Halo 5 Gorbians was their attempt at making Halo a mobility shooter because that is what was popular to copy at the time. THANK GOD there is no wall-running in Halo 5.

Had Halo Infinite fixed the aformentioned issues I mentioned in the bullets above, this would be an actually enjoyable game.
But as it stands right now.

  • The vehicle sandbox is trash.
  • The weapons are hit-or-miss, even without desync
  • Servers are comparable to AOL Online dialup.
  • Map selection is weak and uninspired.

Can’t wait until this pulls an MCC and gets updated to be a proper Halo game.
Hopefully that doesn’t take five years.


Forge continues to look better and better with every day that passes. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on it!

I’m keen for Forge as well, but Customs need to be fixed before they drop Forge, same thing with the Desync