So Skimmers... why?

I’m struggling to understand where the Halo sandbox needed these new enemies who can sort of fly but barely move off the ground. Can’t say that I’m really interested to find out more about them. They aren’t particularly threatening or exciting. What’s up with these things?


They’re the first Endless type enemies you fight. This probably means they’re a little like the Kroot for 40k where they’re one species with several varieties.

In terms of look they’ve got the creepy squid look and have a slight short of cherub vibe as well. Which with their monstrous appearance makes them slightly twisted.


They weren’t good or bad but I for sure would have preferred reworked prometheans


I’d say they just look like bugs and make me think, where are the drones? They just hover there and let me shoot them in the face. The sandbox is really missing some drones or squads of jetpack enemies and these skimmer things are like a slap in the face just hovering off the ground. I’d say equally as lame as the fact that prometean knights have no necks and thus would be absolutely useless in a real battle.


I think it’s a setup for the Endless. 343 just testing the waters to see how we react to new enemies since it didn’t go over too well with 4 and 5.

Either that or they just really wanted flying grunts.


If you make the enemies fun to fight I don’t think anyone would care about new enemies. The guardians sucked because they were basically bullet sponges. If they had made weak spots for you to shoot that would blow off chunks of them they would’ve been a really cool enemy.

Skimmers are an okay edition but I wish they did a little more than float around. You do need to take them out first on higher difficulties because they all have ranged weapons and will mess you up quick if you don’t.


I too was like, “well, these enemies don’t look interesting, nor are they fun to fight. You know what would have been fun occasionally, a big swarm of drones pouring out of places”

The best I got was a tower or audio log mentioning them, though I didn’t get to hear what was said because I got attacked. I think 343 is afraid of drones. They’ve used them 0 times to my recollection.


They def have the cherub vibe, but how are they squid like? They have no tentacles?

They just look like grunts with fancy backpacks.

They have four hooked legs and the Weapon describes them as floating squid monkeys.

The Harbinger definitely has a squid look so under the helm they probably have a vaguely similar face.

They are repurposed Drones. At least Drones moved around and sometimes attached to high places, but the Skimmers are incredibly boring to fight.

Honestly, I could care less about this alien species that hasn’t even been hinted at or mentioned one time in ANY Halo source besides Infinite, yet they are somehow more dangerous than the true villains of the entire lore, the Flood. How can the Forerunners be so immensely powerful and technologically advanced yet so spectacularly ignorant and flawed? They annihilated the Precursors, then Ancient Humanity(which isn’t too surprising since Humanity was dumb enough to use the Precursor powder first), while also imprisoning The Endless, but also lost everything to the Flood. Now the Flood are just sidelined until 343’s story falls flat on it’s face and they emerge out of no where and take over The Endless to reach a new evolution or some crap.

Halo’s writing is becoming far too convoluted for me to even care anymore lol they keep changing things or abandoning plot lines anytime they get writer’s block. It’s kind of not worth investing into the story anymore. They would rather players invest in the cosmetics anyways.


They’re probably not Endless. Harbinger/Skimmers are obviously same more or less, but Endless are probably a completely different ballgame. They’re either Precursors or a new enemy entirely.

I think they’re more on the mischievous side of things.

Bungie even toned down the drones. They were awesome in Halo 3: ODST but reduced them in Reach by a lot. I thought they were a serious challenge. They couldn’t be taken down effectively with the same weapons you would use to take down the other enemies.


See I think this is exactly what’s wrong with Infinite. There’s rarely any reason to swap weapons. The whole point of the 2 weapon scavenging gameplay is completely lost in this game. But there are a lot of people who love it, would much rather games be a trip to the candy store than a reasonable challenge.

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They’re supposed to narratively fill the Flood analogue since the Flood pushes the game into hard M territory and they want to move the series to T so they can make more money.

So far I’m not feeling The Endless. They don’t really tie into anything and they just popped up within a lore vacuum. “The Forerunners feared them worse than the flood!” …but we’ve only just now heard about them, and they were apparently very easy to contain, considering the Forerunners didn’t build 7 giant suicide machines to handle them.

They aren’t scary like the Flood, they don’t have a unique aesthetic like the Prometheans or Flood since they just look like another Covenant race, all they do is hover like a less threatening Drone. They don’t have anything unique about them in their design or abilities. There could be a lot more fleshed out down the line, but for a reveal they sure didn’t live up to how the dialogue portrays them.


They replaced the buggers.

I think they’re meant to be that type of enemy that if you don’t deal with them quickly, they can ruin your day. On normal difficulty, they weren’t much of a problem, but I would imagine on Legendary, they’re a pain to deal with.

I will continued to call them Not-Drone-Drones and no one can stop me.


I haven’t finished the campaign yet… but yeah when I saw those things I was wondering why did they replace the drones? Maybe they’re related? Or are skimmers forerunner? I forget, I got to finish the fight to find out more :grin:

I just wish a brute would chase me with his own grapple hook or something, if they can’t give us drones at least some jetpack brutes and elites, everybody is on foot while God Mode Chief has unlimited access to weapons, marines, vehicles and equipment zips around as agile as a cat.

If the Skimmers and this new faction are what’s bringing the design aesthetic to the electric guns, I hope they aren’t about to start adding more of those weapons, they look like they belong in Bioshock, they’re bringing some weird 1960s Sci-Fi vibes that just looks wrong in Halo. The old games have way better weapon sandboxes especially when the Plasma Pistol was the EMP. I miss the Carbine, the HALO PISTOL, the Plasma Rifle, all the classics, like just give us them already.


I can’t wait to see them get bigger