So should I buy skins for a game with a predatory monetization system, or buy a new game?

Seriously… why would I fork out my wallet and bust out those sweet sweet credit card digits when I could buy a new game? Armor sets at 20 dollars? These should be impulse purchases at best with maybe 2.49-4.99 a set. Battle pass should be 10 bucks but why buy the pass when I can see how bad the progression system is for free? Awesome games regularly go on sale for 20 bucks or less on microsofts own storefront, and those games offer completely different experiences than halo.


Probably buy a new game; not even Blizzard / Bungle has this horrendous of a MTX shop.

go get a differnt game, or just play the camign when that comes out and drop the multiplayer, ive heard good things about it

Just buy the one or two skins you will use.
No sense in buying everything since you are not even going to use 99% of them.
Or buy none if the free or Battle Pass armor is fine with you.