So sar I like the following .and some I do not . .

I play CTF only! ( I never play the Campaign ever in "ANY GAMES lol )

  1. IMHO the grafix are awesome on my PC. ( Video Card Geforce RTX 2070 )
  2. Way too many options of editing settings that is really needed for CTF.
  3. Need to separate custom maps from Map Variables settings like in Halo MCC.
  4. Map Variables sometimes do not save you custom settings.
  5. Need better explanations about what specific setting do. Kinda corn-fusing lol.
  6. Need to keep to the Halo in its traditional way of playing Halo.

Example: If you grab the the flag from flag stand you can cap the flag at your flag stand. As it is now you grab the flag from the enemies flag stand and you “DO NOT” cap the flag at your flag stand you cap the flag someplace near your flag stand instead. That’s just wrong.
If Forge was in the game now I would fix that in a heart beat!

  1. Would be nice to have a custom game browser
  2. Wish we had our own dedicated server software to run Halo Infinite.
  3. Wish forge was in the game. ( Yea I know It’s a Beta or even a Alpha lol )
  4. Get red of the Glowing Players. The traditional Red vs. Blue skins are just fine as they are.
  5. Game maps load kinda slow. ( I have a SSD for the game. )

I have see other people with issues with this game. I just hope 343i can fix these issues on the Release Version. This is my opinion only!!