So... REQ packs are like COD AW and CS:GO crates?

Ok so, I need to to say something really bad, but first; my space bar doesn’t work so well s, sorry in advance.
So basically, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare have “Supply Crates,” they contain pieces of armor and apparel, and also custom weapon skins. (Sound familiar yet?) These crates also contain weapon variants that can impact you game play in not just looks: Certain gun variants have sights, or other attachments locked onto the gun that cannot be changed. (Now do you see!?) With armor, there is a wide variety of helmets, “load outs,” or torso armor, and other various items, you can also unlock a mass slew of other things, all in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Now, very briefly, I just want to say, this is not necessarily a bad thing; these types of features in games personally enhance MY, gaming experience, you may think that this somehow makes the game unfair, or that Halo is now impure, but the rush sensation you get when you unlock a solid gold BR, or when you get the most heart sickeningly terrifying helmet in the game, cannot be replaced with custom colours or clan tags. With this said, I’m going to absolutely love this new REQ pack feature. (So basically this IS NOT A HATE POST, but simply a notice) CS:GO, or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also was one of the first games to feature “loot chest” like openings. Now an iconic feature of the game, many people spend hundreds of dollars, or pounds, or euros or whatever, on these “crates.” The reason why being that, despite having no armor or clothing items, they do contain an insanely large amount of developer, and fan made “skins,” or “cameos,” for the rather small assortment of weapons in the game. I’m not going to go into any other detail, but my point is this; “REQ packs,” are a loot system commonly found in games, and I think that even though the 343 developers are right to call it, “game changing!” for the halo franchise, but to call it an all new feature, that’s were their in the wrong.
Anyways, thanks for reading Halo community, whether you agree or not, i’m looking forward to seeing in Warzone, and possibly campaign, anyways, shoot me friend request on Xbox, and we can setup something when Halo 5 comes out. See you guys later.

Yeah Mass Effect 3 had the same thing. But way more expensive than the Halo req packs. $1.99 and $2.99 is one heck of a deal.

I really like the idea of Warzone & REQ packs. If they had tried to sneak them into Arena, I would have been very upset, but keeping the two apart is like having two different games. It’s great.

What bother me is how will we unlock our armor?!

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> What bother me is how will we unlock our armor?!

How do you mean?

Try watching the videos by Ready Up Live, they might shed some light for you…

I’m excited for REQ’s it adds more to the unlocking of equipment. Rather than just “pour hours into game - get more stuff” it’s “pour hours into game - chance at stuff”… just makes it more fun and cinematic for essentially a progression system to unlock cooler gear and such.

Also I like the Warzone addition to “Calling in weapons” on top of the armour and different looking skins… it adds a nice layer to gameplay in the new mode. I’m a fan, from how they have explained it thus far.

If anything they are more like Titanfalls burn cards.

Pretty much.

There is nothing new about the concept/idea but it is new to Halo. And it looks like they aren’t going to be priced as harshly as some competitors, so everything is looking pretty good to me at the moment.

YUP! (And Titanfall burn cards to an extent)