So players who bought the game get... nothing?

So recently there was an announcement that players who have purchased game pass and downloaded halo infinite will get a few in game perks.

Mean while the players who bought the game remain with nothing?

Is this correct?


Perks like what?

Is it of any value besides a new emblem or another shade of blue?

Why would you buy the game when its free?

Game pass subscribers get game pass perks. This is a game pass thing tho. It’s not exclusive to Halo.

So far, it’s been bright xbox-green time-gated skins for a few weapons and vehicles. I’ve picked up some of them, but not all. They’re cool, but nothing to write home about.

Not 100% sure if this is what you’re talking about.


They also give you four 2XP boosts and four swaps. It’s worth grabbing the perks just for that.

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If you pre-ordered the game from any one of a number of different retailers there was an exclusive armour and weapon skin (weapon varied depending on the retailer).

Think that was the only benefit tied to purchasing.

If you have Game Pass Ultimate, you can get Game Pass Perks that will give you a cosmetic each month.

If you but the campaign, there are various cosmetics that you can find in Armor Lockers throughout the world/campaign, in game. (Oddly enough, the Armor Lockers don’t have any armor.)


The campaign, [cosmetics through collectibles, campaign achievement acquisition] (and preorder bonuses if you preordered).

If you didn’t receive one or more of these things with the purchase (or preorder) of your game, you should get in touch with support.

So the entire game is “free”?

You might want to prove that to the players that spent $60 on the campaign and to the players that bought the BP.

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Where are you getting it for free?

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Multiplayer is free, I think they are also referencing that campaign is “free” if you have game pass. But obviously that isn’t free, it’s a subscription service. So for people who play and buy games infrequently it isn’t an attractive deal always.

I currently have game pass, but I also have a busy life, a PS5 and a Switch so often I let one or two subscriptions run out until I need it again and am playing that console regularly.

When my current game pass runs out I will probably not renew for a while, but I’ll still be able to play the Halo campaign infrequently or any dlc without having to subscribe to game pass. I was hoping I’d be able to play it offline too, but I don’t believe they let you even with a disc but that could have just been a pre-launch thing. I haven’t looked into it.

i think there need to give the once’s that have buy the full game with the campaign needs to get some free skins that are more diffrend between the type the game pass players get.

and i mean not the red skins you can get from the campaing missions but something else.

It doesnt affect the gameplay or gives you any kind of boosts, its pure cosmetiqs.
I never bother with that, it would have been different if you actually got something in the campaign that makes you stronger, but this is not an RPG where you level up and get better equipment.
I think thats the way Halo need to go, become more like an RPG style game like Destiny.

I just found out the other day that I could enable double Xp, that’s how much I don’t care about halo infinites progression system. Lol. And yes I play quite frequently.

Gamepass perks? yea they’ve always been a thing, you get stuff for lots of different games, even some free months of spotify.

And? gamepass isn’t free, it’s a paid subscription.

Campaign most likely, yea for those who bought the campaign , they are not getting their money’s worth,.

And honestly I paid the same for elden Ring, that those who bought Halo Infinite, and I have gotten way better returns on that investment.

Ok, so basically GamePass members get GamePass themed green coatings. So far we got an AR, BR, Warthog and mongoose. We get one of these each month + 4 XP boosts.

For pre-ordering the campaign, I got the Zeta sky armour coating and AR coating that goes very well with the Zeta helmet from Tac ops event and a glowing blue visor from the cyber showdown event

The green GamePass warthog coating looks great with either of the alternate wheels

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If you bought the game you get the game


Sadly true. I supported the game by buying the game and I get nothing extra and I get a game stripped of it’s progression system to it’s bare minimum and I got a broken watchdog skin and blocked content that I’ve had since Halo 1. Also don’t get me started on how lazy the game pass rewards feel for Halo Infinite. It’s irritating that I pay for a game and get half a game due to predatory F2P service.

Needless to say that 343i are testing my patience with Halo Infinite.