So, plasma grenades....

What happened? Radius nerfed, splash nerfed, apparently they are made of rocks now because they drop instantly. All I’m seeing is people running up to each other at point blank range and sticking each other and sometimes I see them miss then too. It can’t be just me who’s noticed this, although I only bought them with SP today so I haven’t really seen what was going on with them.

Biggest moment of frustration, I grabbed the Scattershot, laid into three guys during CTF and saw 2/3 shields pop, tossed a sticky, managed to miraculously stick one of 'em but he’s the only one who died. This was in the tower on Abandon where the flag spawns, they were within what appeared to be seven feet of each other in a triangle next to the lift with no shields and only one guy died from the blast.

I heard that they had been toned down but I didn’t think they were as ineffective as the new melee.