So only seasonal progress, no normal rank?

so not sure if 343 has said about this but been playing halo multiplayer couple of hours now, already missing the normal ranking up system where you can gain XP towards a normal rank like in the MCC, feels like I’m not gaining anything from completing matches or getting lots of medals and kills during a match.

I did think 343 had a pretty awesome system in MCC so thought they would learn from doing seasons there and XP then just bring it over so you can gain general XP for the season, this would make the season go a lot faster as it feels like it’s going at snail’s pace at the moment sadly.

Overall, I enjoy playing the game early, but I feel like I’m not gaining anything from completing matches and trying to perform at my best, since I gain no XP from it.


I agree, I am not a fan of how slow you get XP from multiplayer. You get 100xp every 2 matches you play, regardless of how well you perform, and then there are random weekly challenges that give 200xp… not sure if the challenges give more xp the more you complete.
There should be other ways of obtaining xp at the end of a match, based on kills and objectives.

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I feel you big time on the minimal XP gains. The infrastructure in place is very insufficient and unrewarding. However, I digress; 343i has stated that they’re looking into a system post launch, and aren’t able to work on one now due to the complexity of the endeavor.

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I don’t think 343 really tests their systems. They tend to just throw crap at the wall. Look at the armory, perfect opportunity to highlight the utility of each weapon with crafted combat scenarios. Instead, we got random dancing bot shooting gallery.

There should be a overal XP rank, maybe like Reach.
I don’t like the slow leveling battlepas system.

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