So on a scale of 1-10, how excited are you on MCC?

I myself am atleast 10-10 :smiley:

10!! Kreygasm


I dunno, like around 8 or 9?



Just can’t wait to go through all the H2 anniversary missions looking for skulls and terminals

  1. I can finally play CE/H2 multiplayer again and there will be sooooooooooooo many noobs to harvest! >=)

I feel that it would be illogical to scale the excitement, however I cannot deny the fact that the Master Chief collection will be the biggest game in Halo history. After analysing the sales for all 4 halo games and accounting for the nostalgia factor, I believe that the Master Chief collection will also remain active for a very long time. Heres hoping that my hypothosis is correct.


Its Over 9000!!!

9999999999 x 117 + 343 / 10

Its over 9000!!!

about 9/10, if i was a couple of years younger i woulda been 100/10 but ive learnt to be patient about things but i cant wait for this, going to be so good!

Someone beat me to it.
9 out of 10 i guess.


117/10! But scale wise, 10/10.

10.1/10 :slight_smile:

ThePewPewBBQ scores this one a 9.4 / 10

My excitement doesn’t even fit on your scale. The nearest thing would be a 10 though.