So now they're screwing over digital customers

So what if they have the disk. They can’t play it until 343 goes online with it. There is no offline mode anymore.

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Okay, I will say to this one thing. It really doesn’t matter. You’ll get it, just be patient. There isn’t very much time not until the game actually comes out and very very little until you getting the game after disk purchasers. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

Uh no… This is not 1995.

All new Xbox games need to do an online check even if they are a disk game played offline.

The disc WILL work early. You know nothing of how this works. The whole thing isn’t just disabled until they unlock the damn digital copies. Never has been. People who get the disc early can play the disc early. How the hell do you think people play review copies? It’s the same disc. They just get it early. Watch achievement sites, genius. Anyone who gets a disc will start popping campaign achievements before the digital unlock time. I guarantee it. People will be streaming it. etc etc

Don’t get your knickers in a twist about a non-issue. Please go an actually make a valid complaint or don’t complain. 343i get anough criticism for what they do wrong, they don’t need more from non-issues or even from successes

Well yeah, the point was what time it will be for the people in that region when the game launches. The game launches at the same time worldwide.

Gears 5 has a different audience, look it up. Halo is unusually popular, for example, in Australia. Also, Halo is far from the only game to have done a worldwide release at the same time the world over; the game can’t release at midnight for everyone. The only thing they could do would be to release the game at midnight for people in PST which would make it 3 a.m. for people on the East Coast. How do you think all the people in EST would feel then? At least this way it’s pretty even for everyone in their most popular play regions.

You could also stop whining like a 4 year old and literally trying to call me names on the internet, which I gotta be honest makes me really sad cause we’re on a Halo forum and it’s kind of pathetic.

Hell of a lot better than making east coast people wait until 1pm for no bloody reason.

I’d much rather have the game release at 1 than in the middle of the night. I’d also prefer that developers of 343 (who by the way have no influence over this decision, because it’s the execs who decide stuff like this, not the devs) go home and sleep and have as normal a night as they can they day before launch, because what kind of person wants an entire company of people to have to pull a stressful all-nighter just so I can play a game at midnight?

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Nobody needs to be there at midnight for the campaign to unlock, idiot. The MP servers are already up and running and fully tested. STOP defending these lazy clowns

It’s really not a big deal…like at all.
Especially if you have even a little bit of a life and have something going on during the day (depending where you live, I get that). If you’re in the states, that right in the middle of the day. Go to work or school.
And I like how you refer to them as lazy clowns while you’re waiting around to play a video game on a Wednesday. You know what I’m getting at :sunglasses:


People are just now getting fired up over this buddy. How did you know so long ago?

My guy… relax. You’ll be okay I promise. Take a deep breath or two.

I dunno but if things don’t start getting better the campaign will be my last purchase…