So nobody forges anymore how sad

So I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty everyone in this forum don’t forge anymore, more or less competitively. It’s quite annoying too, whenever you have NO ONE to enjoy a game with nowadays. Forge, oh how I wish more people did so but sadly I can never find anyone to forge or help me out.

So explain to me, who still forges?

I recently just made a new competitive map. But I don’t have any experience on this game with things such as weapon drops. I could use some help.

Add me man MartyH2Composer

Check out my remake of Swordbase called Ravenbase on Halo 4. Also check out my post in the Halo 4 threads Do you love Halo?

I have plenty of friends that still forge regularly. I myself was forging just yesterday. I actually finished a map a few months back which turned out really nicely. Problem is that I downloaded some maps and my local files went haywire and all maps were deleted for whatever reason. I just have to find someone with the map now :L

I was never into co-forging in any Halo. The connection really messes with the placement of the pieces.

I’d say forging is still very much so alive, its just the case of looking in the right places. With such a small player count, there is little incentive to make a map. Even the THFE featured maps tend to get no more than 100 downloads each compared to the thousands they once did. Still plenty of good competitive forgers like Zandril and Slaphead though.

Another reason not to forging is slowly dying is the lack of creativity. Many maps play the same and look the same thanks to the lack of diversity in the Forge Island Palet. Most maps are just copy and pastes of Midship or are heavily influenced. This map is one of my favorites. The map is one of the few unique, good looking maps that play great.

The problem isn’t a lack of Forgers; the problem is an overall lack of players to begin with.

I made a forge map about a year ago, it was my first creation in forge. I posted it in the community creations section of the forums looking for some feedback, but I didn’t get a single reply.

Later I found out my “symmetrical” map had one base a magnum length closer to the center than the other base. 20+ hours wasted and I would have to remake half the map all over again. I gave up forging after that, way too tedious for me.

You can find my map in my file share, it’s called Inimical.

My friends and I forge very often. Whether it’s building a map, screwing around, or downloading maps. We also forge in older halo games too.

I forge but its mainly just to screw around

I goof off in Forge sometimes but I would like to build a space battle map.

I have created some epic masterpeices. Both in Halo 4 and Halo: Reach. But alas I pretty much never have Xbox Live. :frowning: But I think I uploaded a couple the last time I could. If so check out my Falkirk map. (If it’s uploaded.) We play it offline in FFA and small teams of Deathmatch and CTF. Oh and King of the Hill. It’s fun! :slight_smile:

Check out my Striker v2 and Pivotal v3 maps in my file share.

Both turned out absolutely phenomenal (haven’t been able to do any 8’s testing, but ffa works decent). Also they support most competitive gametypes (slayer, ffa, ctf, extraction).

Unorthodox is a remake from my personal map in Reach, but the sizing of objects in h4 forge is weird so it doesn’t play as well. Otherwise its a good 1v1, 2v2, 4 man ffa map (small scale.)

I also have temple, but I don’t think the spawns are ready in that map, but if there is interest I can definitely finish that one. Although I think this one is slightly less competitive, just based on map design.