So my thoughts on the Flight (Xbox series X)

Overall I Think the gameplay is really fluid. I actually had fun playing against the bots, I didn’t think I would. Boy was I wrong. The menu navigation is a little wonky in my opinion. But overall I am super happy and excited for the future flights and full release of Infinite. Down below I’ll share what I truly think could use some changes, just my opinions.

• Academy weapon drills could be a little harder, I don’t feel like every weapon had the same difficulty. Make the level 3 a challenge. Some are more challenging than others.

• This one is personal, but I believe the reticle on the sidekick could be a little bigger or zoom in a tiny bit more. This is honestly my favorite weapon in the game so far. I just think it definitely needs tweaking.

• Recoil on some of the weapons could be reduced as to where some should have more recoil. We are Spartans after all, I don’t believe a commando should give out that much recoil to a super soldier.

• I know alot of the community doesn’t like thrust, but I am definitely missing it alot.

I will add more as I keep playing again just my opinions.