So my Halo 4 'cant read disk'..

My Halo 4 LE cannot read the disk.

Well, that’s a slight lie… It CAN read it, but it crashes and stops reading at exactly the same place every time.

I play a matchmaking game (on any playlist) and after every match, BOOM, the disk stops spinning and there are scratches on the disk.

I borrowed a friends copy of the game, it was fine all last night… So today I wrote the game to the HD as he said I can borrow it for a week until I buy a 2nd hand copy… and BOOM, the game I play AFTER I write it to the HD it does EXACTLY the same thing in EXACTLY the same place, during the spinning UNSC logo after matchmaking has ended.
My opinion/diagnosis is that the game disk stops spinning during a matchmaking game, then it spins the disk again to load the menu… since the disk isn’t already moving and it’s a quick menu load the laser messes up the disk by trying to read it too hard while the disk is moving too slow and causing laser burn.

So apparently, here are my options:
1- Pay £62 to Microsoft to repair something that is faulty on THEIR end with their bad hardware
2- Buy a 2nd hand copy of Halo 4 and do not write it to my HD and hope that it’s a HD bug (yes, I did try uninstalling it but the damage is already done, it’s too late) and if it DOES happen again, keep re-purchasing copies.
3- Just stop playing Halo 4.
4- Ask here for advice/fixes…

So before I just to any conclusions… Any advice or fixes on this matter?

I would make sure that it is not your xbox. I had a problem with this once back when I was playing reach but I found out it was my xbox that was the problem.

I would also recommend asking some other players in your area and see if their game is acting the same way. If that is the case there must be errors on the discs sent to your region.

Install the discs content onto your xbox’s HDD, even if the disc gets scratched you should always be able to play the game.

You may need a new disc first though, my ODST Multi-Player disc got scratched before I could install it, now I have to use the ODST disc to play some Halo 3 DLC maps instead of just using the Halo 3 disc.

I had this problem and found out it was my Xbox. It did the same thing for other games.

What generation is your Xbox? I used to own a first gen Arcade Xbox with a first gen Hard Drive attached to the top. I had to buy the latest Xbox when mine broke.

Thank’s for the replies.

Well I have the game installed on my HDD… but after matchmaking it wants to read the disk again to load the menu it seems and that’s when it crashes. It ONLY crashes at the exact same place… Sometimes it will load, but most of the time it will crash.

It’s just annoying having to turn the xbox off/on every time I want to play a match…

I guess I will have to look into buying a new xbox, but I really don’t like that idea given the fact the new one will be out this year anyway.

Just an FYI… I bought a new Xbox and it’s fine for 2 days now… so it’s the xbox that was on it’s way out not the game.