So, Lucid got banned from Halo

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I think he’s unbanned by now.

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Pretty sure he was unbanned within a few hours, and i believe it was to do with ranked playlist and the reset they was doing

Can you explain this? How does a rank reset ban a player? Genuinely curious.

I was mistaken on who it was, it was someone else. Basically the playlist was mid updating and wouldn’t let them play, like i said though not long after if fixed itself.

They just got a weird error werent actually banned.

Ahh got it. I was confused.

Pretty sure the reason for Lucid’s ban was what he said about 343i’s live service. Which was a warranted comment, the ban not so warranted.

That’s just speculation, but the timing was sus. We’ll probably never know for sure why. It could have been that he just got reported a lot by people that didn’t like being stomped on, so the system did something automatic. Or someone at 343 wanted to slap him on the hand for saying something they didn’t like, which they would never admit to.


Why wouldn’t 343i just come out and clear the air if that’s the case? Seems sketchy.

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Because it’s 343 and they barely respond to the largest of issues.