So lets break the game with the nade nerfs and the br nerf

Why on earth would they design the game under the assumption that everyone is playing with bad ping?

Connection has a lot to do with it, but it’s mainly their servers, not your connection, that are causing most of the issues.

Halo Infinite isn’t a competitive game at all. Why are you taking it seriously?

I used to love the br now I’m getting my butt kicked in every 1 v 1 it seems like vs any other weapon. The ar is just rolling me. I thought they only needed the BR a little bit and maybe it’s just me but it seems like it’s now a low tier weapon and I’d be better off with the sidekick or AR

Try controlled burst firing the AR.

I’ve been examing this for more than past half a year (and I started playing Infinite in March) - whenever there’s a desynced player I check the “recently played with” menu on Xbox during those awfully long 8s respawns, and it’s always someone with the PC icon, ALWAYS.

Dozen of matches every day, for months, and it’s always the exact same scenario, it’s just cannot be a coincident. I often reach a point nowadays where I just check all the players while the map is loading only to see there are 5-7 PC players and I instantly quit as soon as the map loads, because I know damn well I’ll be just a cannon fodder who will put all the nades, bullets and melees into them and won’t even get an assist (and I’m getting double punished by 343 with bans for quitting such broken/unplayable matches…).

And vice–versa - whenever the game is actually filled with nothing but Xbox players (which doesn’t happen that often due to stupidly forced crossplay), the game plays absolutely FANTASTIC, it can be such a fun it’s really hard to describe.

Honestly, as long as crossplay/desync won’t be solved people will continue to quit matches and ultimately the gane completely, the winter update gave the game a breath of fresh air and brought back a lot of people, but it’s just a matter of time when they’ll abandon it once again. So what better time than now where the game is populated again to disable crossplay, or at the very least give us an option to disable it, just as we van select regional matchmaking now. Which again, is hidden in the menus and probably a lot of players aren’t even aware of it instead of being the new default with Extended search being an option. This is one of those many many small thing that 343 almost gets done right, almost, but at the end of the day there’s barely and change in the grand scheme of things, because they leave all into players hands and avoid taking responsibility at all cost, instead of forcing those changes by default, so that everyone benefits, even the unaware crowd.

Nah nade are nerfed to the ground desync all ways change the outcome of the damage ur goin to take and hailmarys are basicly gone … all they needed was to add more delay to the trow in animation the problem is the u can literaly trow a nade mid gun fight and win it when in past halos the was a punish …

I’m sure this is what is happening. Have you ever had a delayed kill from a melee? You punch someone, they take a step back and then die. This is what happens on the other side of the crazy melee lunge.