So let’s talk about that Tutorial mode - I’d love a more immersive Experience for our Spartan

So Halo Infinite has a tucked away “Tutorial” mode, which has a neat cutscene for your Spartan arriving to the training facility, which was a super nice touch. Being able to walk around what seems like a free roam training base was an incredible experience. I was really surprised that this was kinda out of the way, with how much it seems went into this mode.

You proceed to speak with the commander personally, and even go to a special room to select your AI (which is defaulted to Butler but it would’ve been absolutely amazing to actually get to go through all the AI’s that are available from the start) — I feel like this is such an underrated moment for actually being able to step into the shoes of your own spartan.

Halo 4 had Spartan Ops, where it follows the story of Team Majestic, and Team Crimson (you).
— being able to immerse yourself into your own Spartan, then even getting to follow a story based around your character is something I’d love to see become more delved in with Infinite.

The tutorial mode seems like something that should’ve been implemented as a starting feature when you create your Spartan.
— except give you the option to skip the training sections, but still be able to experience the parts that involve the “story” of your Spartan.

Hopefully 343 will bring back something similar, if not a more in depth version of Spartan Ops. It’s a nice break from PvP every now and then to be able to kill some covies/ banished as your own character with friends.


the campaign is coming out on December 9, that’s your immersive spartan experience

Having a multiplayer narrative centered around the player Spartan would be incredible, and if I’m not mistaken, something that’s already in the works?

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While playing as the chief is, and always will be one of the most iconic experiences— this topic is geared more towards the Spartan Ops experience from Halo 4, and playing through your own Spartan’s journey.

343 has already stated that the purpose for the name of this game, “infinite”, was because they wanted to create a platform that they could continue to build off for a very long time. Similar to what Fortnite/ GTA/ Apex did.

Hence why they specifically designed the slipspace engine for this purpose.

I don’t see it being out of the picture that they make something similar to Spartan Ops in the future, to help keep up the replay value for the game for years to come.

I haven’t heard of anything personally, but wouldn’t be surprised if there was. I think it’s part of 343’s vision to keep building up the game