So lemme get this straight...

Okay guys I’m confused. And I have just one question is the only difference between the 100$ limited edition of Halo 5, and the 250$ edition of Halo 5 ,that the 250$ version gets a statue of 150$
Or are there any differences between the two
P.S I know you can swap out the digital code for a Physical copy, another question, if you do decide to trade the code for the disk do you just get the standard 60$ plastic case standard edition?

To answer your first question, yes. As for your second, I’m assuming that’s the case.

The Limited Collectors Edition is everything the Limited Edition is, but with the John/Locke statue. It also ships with a digital download code instead of a physical disc, but it can be traded in for a disc through the Waypoint site.

I totally understand why people want that too. I mean, you’re getting a steelbook case… With no disc in it?

Simple economics. The statue is not worth $150, but people buying the collector’s edition value the statue at $150, hence their willingness to pay that price. The statue’s true value might be closer to $30-60.